Yahoo Email Messenger service is stopped: What to do next?

Yahoo Email Messenger service is stopped

Because Yahoo has millions of users hence, there are lots of changes that the service is making continuously. Yahoo is the topmost email service across the world because of its exciting features and security settings. Users are stuck because the Yahoo Email Messenger service is stopped and we will discuss the next thing you should do.

You must have complete information about Yahoo email messenger. Yahoo mail shut down the messenger service in July 2018. Well, it is not the IM program available; there are lots of alternatives of Yahoo messengers. These work almost in the same way.

Yahoo Email Messenger service is stopped

What actually was Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger app was almost as same as other messaging applications. You easily can send free texts to your friends using the internet and it was compatible with a variety of platforms. It means that you could install the Yahoo messenger app on the TAB or Phone device or even on your computer. After installing, you could send free texts.

Apart from text, there are some more supportive things like emoticons, GIFs, images, and other files. By keeping a good internet connection whether mobile data or Wi-Fi plan, you could establish better communication with friends and family free of cost. There are lots of changes that were made to Yahoo messenger. Yahoo pager was released in 1998 with an in-built chat room service before renaming to messenger a year later.

After Shutting Messenger App Down

Yahoo allowed the Messenger users to download the chat history on the desktop. If you have the Yahoo messenger app installed on the Smartphone, Yahoo suggests deleting the app after downloading chat history. Not only this, you can save the previous chats as well including data.

You can download Yahoo Messenger Chat History

  • First and foremost, go to the Yahoo messenger download website. The URL is Access your Yahoo account with the credentials
  • Now, you can select the verification method and enter the Account Key that you get on your device
  • After that, click on Download and you have to enter the email address where you want to send the files. Click on the Ok button and you are all set

This is the time to go to the email and access Yahoo messenger chat history

What has happened after shutting Yahoo Messenger down?

Users won’t be able to use the Yahoo Messenger app after the discontinuation but yes can download their chats. Even if you have decided to install the app onto the phone, the app won’t work and even you even can’t sign into the messenger. Yahoo suggests that the users should delete the app after saving the chat history, archives of Yahoo messengers.Yahoo Email Messenger service is stopped

Yahoo Messenger Replacements

There are so many applications that you can use instead of Yahoo Messenger like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and Signal. The replacement which you select should depend on the activity which you want it to do.

Best Mobile Messaging Application in 2022

For instance, there are lots of methods to call someone using an app. Or maybe you want to make free video or voice calls from your PC. There are most messenger apps that include all those features which allow you to make video or audio calls. These are more closely related to Yahoo Messenger than others and can use from tab/phone, PC, and web browser.

The reason behind Yahoo Messenger Closed

Everyone wants to know the exact reason behind the shutdown of this service. It is common for all services, specifically long-lasting ones just like Yahoo Messenger to reach an end. The company develops, competing services indulge, users, drop out, and the service might lose money. As per Yahoo, they ended Yahoo Messenger for diverting time and yes resources to another communication tool.

As the landscape of the interaction continues to change, the focus is now on making some essential changes. The focus is now on creating and introducing new, exciting communication that can better fit the needs of consumers.

Wrap Up-

Although changes are not interesting, if the service has decided to delete messenger then, there must be something good. Still, some of the features are added to the Yahoo mail so, you can contact Yahoo UK to know them. Use the latest version of Yahoo mail to see the new changes and exciting features. Yahoo Email Messenger service is stopped