Why Your Social Security Disability Application Might Be Denied


When you apply for the social security disability it is very important to make sure that your representation is done right. Even slightest of mistake can cost you denial of your social security disability application. While granting the same the approving body discusses many factors that can influence their choice of rejecting or approving the application. They primarily look for the reasons due to which you should be granted this benefit. In many cases, lack of these factors may lead to outright rejection of the application.

Here are some of the reasons why your social security disability application might be denied:

  • Your income is already high: Social security disability program is primarily for those who find it difficult to work and survive after a certain disability. One of the major reasons that can lead to rejection of this benefit is that you already earn beyond that limit which is set to provide this benefit to the applicant. If you are earning well enough for your livelihood then you are not considered eligible for the grant of this benefit.
  • Temporary disability: Another reason that can lead to rejection is the nature of your disability. If it is temporary in nature and can be healed with time, then your application might get rejected. Also, in case of permanent disability the severity of the disability is judged, if it is not that severe that can prohibit you from working, then your application might get rejected.
  • Lack in co-operation: In case you don’t cooperate with these agencies in terms of providing the right information, then also your application might get rejected. Submit all the documents related to your job and injury accurately. Partial or false information will not only lead to application rejection but can also land you in big trouble.
  • If you are not available: These agencies will try to locate you after your disability, in case they fail to track you down then also your case will be rejected. They will not wait for you to come back after a stipulated period of time. Therefore it is important to get in touch with these agencies as soon as you get injured.
  • You don’t follow the doctor’s advice: In case you fail to follow the doctor’s advice and therapy he has suggested for you, then also your claim can be rejected. You need to give a legitimate reason for not following what the doctor suggested you do. It implies that injury could have been healed but your negligence leads to major disability.
  • Disability due to drugs or alcohol: In case your disability is the consequence of your alcoholism or drug addiction, then also you can be denied getting disability benefits. The agency checks all your medical history closely to examine the reason for your disability.

These are some of the reasons why your Social Security Disability application might be denied. If you are also planning to apply for the social security disability benefit then make sure that you don’t fall under any such category.