why Umar Cassim (@itsumarc7) Gained millions of views on multiple platforms

Umar Cassim

16 year old teenager Umar Cassim recently gains some fame and attraction from Instagram and tik tok! He began making funny sneaker related videos and his audience loves his vibrant energy and relate able videos. His recent audience has gained him millions of views and he was able to create a brand for himself. Umar is looking to further his brand and accomplishments by continuing to grow on tik tok and Instagram and wanting to also test out YouTube soon! Be on the look out for more content soon! Instagram and tik tok is @itsumarc7.

Most people think that being an entrepreneur is about having that big idea. And it is. To start something new, you need to have an idea that works: something people need, something they’ll want, and most importantly — at least for the people investing in your idea — something that’s scalable.


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About 1 year ago I started a this exact Instagram page, to sell sneakers that I didn’t wear anymore to make some extra cash for school lunch etc. ⁣ ⁣ Within 1 year I was truly astonished that we turned this page to something more then just that. Something that has helped other people and myself to create my own brand. I started this page with the name @reselluc7. And @reselluc7 will always be remembered on my second page @reselluc7store!⁣ ⁣ After almost over a year of doing this we are finally going after bigger and better things. Even I don’t know what the future holds from here, but I sure know that it’s going to be successful and I will make sure of that. I want to deeply thank every single person who has supported me, or helped me get to where I am today from where I started, and I will ensure that I remember.⁣ ⁣ Now introducing @itsumarc7.⁣ ⁣ Huge things coming, thanks to each and every one of you guys ❤️ changed my life for the better ⚡️❤️⁣ ⁣ All reposts on stories to help get the name change word around are appreciated ✌🏾(random one will get $50)

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But what I’ve found from interviewing multiple entrepreneurs who focus on consulting, the internet, and software development is that without the capacity to execute an idea — to take an idea and turn it into a living, breathing, viable organization — you’re doomed to fail. And for many entrepreneurs who are thinkers, rather than doers, this is a frightening notion