Why The Majority Of International Students Opt To Study In Manchester?

Why The Majority Of International Students Opt To Study In Manchester?

You may have already heard of the western European city, Manchester that is called a fantastic place to be as an international student. Read on to learn some of the reasons behind this fact!

  • Unique places to visit

    The city of Manchester is full of fun things to do and amazing places to visit.This includes hundreds of museums, galleries, traditional markets and canals, as well as thousands of acres of greenery parks and countryside.
  • A rich and diverse culture

    Whenliving in Manchester, you are sure to be immersed in a variedworld of music, art and fashion. An international student, you will have access to a bustling social calendar packed with festivals, day-long events and free activities.
  • It’s more than a city

    Students can utilise their stay at Manchester as a base, from which they can go on to explore the rest of the UK and Europe. There are hundreds of destinations to travel to that are an hour’s drive away. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking trails and mountain treks, besides admiring the scenery inside national parks.
  • Great place for sports lovers

    Manchester is globally perceived as a world-class sporting city. It is a celebrated hub of a huge range of sports activity. Take your time out during the weekend to visit the state-of-the-art sports facilities that are open to the public.
  • Enjoy food from different countries

    This city boasts of the eclectic range of high-quality restaurants that serve modern British and international cuisine. Moreover, the wide range of thriving cafes, grocery shops and supermarkets makes it convenient for international students to cherish a cost-effective way to eat.
  • Music and social life

    Manchester is famed for being one of Britain’s liveliest cities. It is a major destination for touring bandsand is home to several music venues where you can get to hear the music of all different kinds.
  • A shopping hub

    It is popularly known as the shopping capital, where students can find everything they need. From department stores and high street chains to impressive designer boutiquesand vintage fairs, this city has all the best shops in one place.
  • Affordable and efficient transport facility

    It is popular for its extensive bus network to visit various parts of the city and its surrounding suburbs. Additionally, the direct flights to destinations across the world and the transport legacy of the world’s first railway system are worth the mention.
  • Employment opportunity

    Employability in Manchester is considered one of the largest and fastest-growing in Europe. A hotspot to creative industries, settling in the city can allow you to be part of a dynamic and supportive working community.

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