Why Health is Wealth

Jobs that don’t drug test

The entire world is filled with natural resources. The almighty, the greatest creator of the topsoil made this loam by giving a lot of natural deposits. He flavored the best precious metals for his creations just like the sky, sea, hill, forest, soil, diamond, gold, water, air, light, the sun, rain, the Moon, stars, river, etc. A number of them are the elemental affluence and a few of them are stuff fortune. But he also flavored us another sort of wealth which is several from all of the resources that’s health which is totally impossible to buy.

We can define health in many ways. A spread of definitions is often used for various purposes over time.  But the foremost applicable definition of health has been given World Health Organization (WHO). They said that health may be a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Again health is a pooled condition of body and mind.

Some quacks said that health means the routine of the lifestyle of each person. Besides another intern believe that health means the living world of every man and woman where they get all the influences to during the world happily and eagerness. On the other hand, wealth means ample valuable banking assets or physical ownership which may be converted into a form that will be used for concerns. Wealth is a must for us. We can not live in this world without any kind of wealth.  To provide for our urgencies we must need wealth. And this wealth can be any kind of.


Types of Health


Usually, there are two sorts of health. They are :

  1. Physical health: physical health means health combined with our human body parts like head, hand, leg, eye, mouth, ear, nose, finger, belly, etc. Physical health controls our physical power. It gives us a strong personality and body set-up.
  2. Mental health: Mental health means the brain found out of a person’s   It’s also a combination of mind, brain, and soil. It’s more delicate than physical health. It can be said that mental health controls our physical health that means our whole body depends on mental health.


The human body is consists of 206 bones. They’re called human skeletons. These are divided into various parts. 29 bones made skull,33 bones made vertebral column, the appendicular skeleton is made with 64girdle. Skeleton is roofed with tissue. There are many kinds of tissue. As like as muscular tissue, connective tissue, epithelial tissue, nervous tissue. There is a human respiratory system in our body.

The main organ of this system is Lung. It’s consists of anterior nostrils, vestibule, nasal cavity, posterior nostrils, larynx, trachea bronchus, respiratory tree, etc. We eat to measure. To regulate our eating habits there’s a digestion and absorption system in our body. This part is consists of the stomach, small intestine, saliva, liver,  bile, pancreas, gastric gland, intestinal gland, gastric juice, large intestine, etc. Our body always carries out blood.

This is called blood circulation. Blood is consists of plasma, corpuscles, erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes, lymph, etc. The heart is the main organ of blood circulation. It’s consists of  4 chambers. These all are parts of our human body. And this is often called physical health. It’s sort of wealth to us. If we imagine that each sort of property are often achieved through money. But it’s completely impossible and near like a reverie to buy a single organ of our body with any kind of financial help.

We can buy houses, transports, land, gold, diamond and even everything. But we can not buy our health with money. Again when we feel sick our health is abnormal.  We can’t be happy when we are ill. In the time of sickness, no one can give us pleasure. Then it seems everything is meaningless. That’s why our health is our real wealth. Because it helps us to provide all other wealth.


Mental illness

Physical illness is often overcome by medical care or any kind of treatment. But mental illness is more harmful and furious to our body and mind. It is said that good health is the root of all happiness. Good health doesn’t mean only physical ability. It means mental freshness. Mental health controls our physical health. It’s not rare to be happy for a lame man when he’s mentally well. A mental patient is unhappier than a lame man. Because when our mind feels bad nothing is a pleasure to us. Then no wealth can give us feelings of happiness. That’s why health is that the real wealth of our life.


Bottom Line

Money is the root of all problems. So money can’t be our wealth. Our all happiness, success depends upon our health. If our health is sweet everything is sweet. Otherwise, everything in this world is meaningless. This is why health is wealth.  So we all should look out for our health and be happy in our life.

Regular jobs that don’t drug test tend to be those that are not safety-sensitive. For example, Target only, tests for safety-sensitive jobs such as security guards and machine operators, and Goodwill have stopped pre-employment testing for retail workers.