Why Are Safety Boots Preferred in Work Areas?

Safety Boot

The rising standard of work and the growing need for standards of the work environment, workwear have become an integral part of the industry. This becomes seven more important in places where the probability of exposure to extreme conditions is high, like a construction site, manufacturing units, etc. In such industries, the workers have to equip themselves with safety wear, and one such product is the safety boot. These are specially designed to combat adverse conditions like chemical, heat, moisture, etc. while offering sturdiness and comfort.

What are Safety Boots? 

These shoes are a part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection of foot at workplaces. It prevents from incurring injuries, rotary machinery, hot objects, pinch points, splinters, chemical and bad weather. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates employers to provide such safety wear to their employees.

Some of the common injuries incurred because of lack of safety shoes

  1. Crushed feet
  2. Broken bones
  3. Lacerations
  4. Burns
  5. Electric shock
  6. Sprains 

Materials used for making safety shoes: 

  • Leather
  • Nylon Mesh
  • Rubber
  • Composite Material
  • Man-made leather 

Here are Advantages of using safety Shoes 

Safety Boot

Fortify against unexpected weather 

For those who have their workspace outside like in the chilly areas or maybe working in a cold environment like in freezers, it becomes necessary for them to wear the safety boots.  These boots are made using a special material which ensures that the foot remains warm for the longer duration of the day. At the same time, it gives a check against the cold impacts like hypothermia or cold bites. This, when becomes acute, can lead to gangrene in the toes as well.

Prevent Falling and Slipping 

A workplace has a mixed type of environment which engages people in different types of work. For example, at times a person has to climb up the ladder or at the same time, that person has to deal with a certain kind of chemical to create any household sanitizing element. Therefore, it might happen that person may trip off from the ladder or under some situation a drop of chemical might fall on his feet. Therefore, it calls for jeopardy, and to avoid such unforeseen accidents, the companies do ensure that the employees should put on the safety boots.

Shield Against Burn 

A common cause of an accident at the workplace is the burns. To avoid this situation, it’s always advisable to wear safety shoes. These shoes are designed in a manner that protects the foot from heat and burns. Typical workplaces like in the cement factory people have to take precautions from the fires resulted from cement or use of chemicals or any other metal. Now there is a high possibility that the toes might get injured due to splashing of the harmful elements. Subsequently, the sole of the shoes is engineered with anti-skid material to any prevent fall off.

Resistance to Feet 

Safety Boot

This becomes an important factor of work for those who work the construction site or at height.  Standing for prolonged hours literally exhausts their feet by straining the muscle which in turn begins to affect the other parts of the body like back portion especially the spine area. Now safety boots, in that case, help the person to maintain the body equilibrium. At the same time gives ultimate cushiony comfort to the ankles and toes as well.

Protects from Electrical Risk 

Another common cause of mishap a workplace is an electric shock. This can be damaging in certain cases, to avoid such a situation, it becomes important that the workers must wear safety shoes made of rubber or other material which act as an insulator.

With all these advantages and safety and health standard as a key consideration, it becomes imperative to provide the worker’s safety boots which creates a safe environment of work for them.