Factors To Consider When Buying Wholesale Beads

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Beads are considered as just an accessory in crafting by many. But in reality, for crafters beads are an integral part of projects as they provide versatility. They can be used in almost every form of crafting right from jewelry making to scrapbooking. They can leave an impact on the final image. People who like to use beads generally buy them in vast quantities in different sizes and shapes. They can save a lot if they decide on buying wholesale beads for steal price.

About Wholesale Beads

History shows that beads were used right from the ancient time as an important piece of art. Naturally available materials were used to create beads and used in all forms of jewellery making by mankind. Excavations done by archaeologists in different parts of the world show that ancient humans used bones of the animals, rocks and shells et cetera as beads in jewellery. Over time, human beings started manufacturing beads more artistically using different types of materials.

These days both handmade and machine made beads are available with the former being expensive at it provides a distinctive appearance. The ready availability of various types of beads can help the artisans in very many projects. Material, durability, availability and the way they are made decide the price. The best way to save on price is by buying wholesale beads from wholesalers both online and in-store. While buying beads in small quantities from retailers one not only pays a premium price but also chooses from a limited selection.

Choosing Wholesale Beads

It is always advantageous to buy wholesale beads over buying them in retail. But, it is pertinent to understand the available options before purchasing. One should also look at the appearance, materials, available shapes and sizes of the beads before buying. The size of the hole in the bead should also be considered as it should suit the purpose it is intended to be used.


Beads are available in various sizes hence one should decide the size of the bead based on the intended purpose before picking them randomly. The size of the bead should always be in scale with the overall projects. The shopper has to keep in mind the overall project while buying wholesale beads. Beads are available in sizes between 4 and 10 mm in diameter in general. However there are larger than 10 mm or smaller than 4 mm ones also available. There are even many artisans who make customised beads based on your request. However they are expensive.


It is important to note the shape of the bead because it affects the appearance and versatility of any craft.


The appearance of the bead depends on material and hence while buying wholesale beads one can go for beads that are attractive to look at shape wise, size wise and colour wise.