Where Do We Stand Today – “Is Religion Shackle or Modern School of Thought?”


The way we live in society defines us. The way talks with others define us. The way we act and react tells more about us than anything else combined right? The art of deceiving your actual self lies thoroughly in the fact who we are as a person.

What Shapes Our Perspective?

One thing common among all is the behavior. Each person liberates himself or herself into a community and each community represents the religious role play in every day of our lives. Religion brings people of a community together. The close-knit communities are represented not only by their ethnicities but also the representative factional ideas that support their theology as well.

Importance of Religion in Society

Religion defines our behavior patterns, so it is sufficing to say we are sole representatives of our communities? Actually, as an individual, we represent our ideas but as a society, our perspective is altogether different.

For example, going on a holy journey is of prime value for any religious man. Going for a pilgrimage will not only change you as a person but also bring the positivity you are in dire need of. The change in you will irrecoverably be seen in the society via your actions and words. The word of mouth will spread onto others and vice versa.

Do Religion Bounds Anew Limitations?

With the era of technology on the rise, the concept may differ from country to country or from religion to religion. Some belief even television to be the aid of misguidance but what they don’t realize is that a television set is just a manmade material only in control of mankind itself. Likewise going on the moon was predicted by many and so you get the idea. Islam as religion always spoke for human rights altogether. Either it is a man or even a woman, it was the first religion to recognize the liberty of women too. travel agencies around the world offer Umrah packages and other forums to attract a mass number of customers who are religiously motivated to travel the world. So religion doesn’t necessarily limit a person.

Purpose of Religion in Today’s Society

There was a time when people used to worship God only for religious purpose. But now, times have changed that perspective as well. With the fast track lives, people are gaining more money than ever, scientific ways have improved the standard of living, everyone is opting for a better job on skyscrapers but towards what end?

People are not satisfied still. Reason? What they don’t find is the inner peace, that used to be there. Even paying shrinks might be worth it so even they recommend to go on a holy journey to bring some enlightenment to yourself or just to travel the world, take off the load on your shoulder and see from the naked eye what do you see.

It helps to rejuvenate yourself and to gather the mucked up thoughts at the best time, not only this but these days’ religion also brings out the positive aura around you and other too (only if you decide to listen to it up).

Religion was meant to be for the four walls of our homes, is out now in open, via social media. Many scholars have been using the online platform to convey their “modern but religious thoughts” to all the people in the world, for a better you, a better future.

Young Minds Sentiments…

The way people are engrossed in social media (like Twitter, Instagram, etc.) it is of utmost importance of how even one distraction can bring a change in you (positive obviously). The best way to make sure that people listen is to cut diamond from a diamond (meaning using the same platform to create awareness). Are you disappointed when people follow up with the harsh comments about you and be rude to you just because you are not social media active? Well, mind them no heed, empty vessels are always the loudest and the brightest of the lights only give the generous words of wisdom as such.

How to Keep Young Generation out of Harms Way

Young minds are easy to fool and mold accordingly, so all the adults out there in the world make sure that your child is safe. Make sure that their mental stability is not based on social hierarchy but rather on something more valuable, which will ultimately guide them to be on the righteous path.

If we say that religion is the only solution then you are wrong, make sure to take religion and the modern society together, hand in hand, that way we are bound to create new diverse thought of school with today’s modern era. Focusing just on one part of life is not enough and you simply can’t ignore the rest of it either. Balancing society with religion is the key to success and to have a better prospect.