What types of Fruits & Vegetables are good for the Hair?

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great for healthy hairs. They are enriched in fibers and vitamins which are essential for bringing life to hair. Besides making use of shampoo and conditioner, there are numerous fruits and vegetables that come with great hair benefits. 

Here we have mentioned fruits and vegetables necessary to keep your hairs strong on your scalp.


Carrots offer numerous benefits to the skin, hair, and teeth. Carrots are best known for improving the health of hair. Carrots prevent hair fall and as it is packed with multiple vitamins that are optimal for bringing shine and smoothness to the hair. Drinking carrot’s juice regularly prevents your hair from turning gray.


Berries are enriched with vitamin C and minerals that contribute to making your hair strong and healthy. The berries have anti-oxidant properties that help to repair damaged hairs. The vitamin C proportions tend to produce collagen that restores your hair health. If you find it difficult to visit the grocery store each time you need fresh fruits, then try ordering fresh fruits online.


Spinach has proven to be extremely useful for gaining unreal hair strength. It is loaded with plenty of nutrients and is rich in anti-oxidants that boost hair growth. Vitamin B and C present in spinach are ideal to speed up hair growth. The iron content makes your pale scalp smooth and stimulates hair growth. 


The vitamin A, B, C and E content in tomatoes prevent hair loss and fortify your hairs to look natural and shiny. Consuming tomatoes regularly offers great help to reduce chlorine damage.Just like Berries and Spinach, tomatoes are also a good source of anti-oxidants, which helps your hair stay in top health. 


Beets are considered as the healthiest food with amazing health benefits. Loaded with a variety of minerals and nutrients, beetroots helps better circulations of blood in the scalp. It prevents hair fall and is a perfect treatment for hairs damaged through pollution or hard water. Besides pulling different types of chemicals in your hair, try this veggie instead and include it into your beauty routine. Try to avoid refrigerated food itemsespecially fruits and vegetables, instead visit the fresh vegetable store to consume healthy and organic.  


Lentils are great for significant hair growth as they are packed with massive iron-rich protein that assists in strengthening hair cells. Keratin present in lentils shapes the structure of the hair. Without significant keratin proportions, hairs may get dull and weaker. In addition, lentils provide a good supply of iron that helps to reinforce thin hair.


Frizzy hair and split ends make you look messy but have no worries when you have a natural solution for that. Avocado contains hair moisturizing ingredients that nourish your hairs naturally and brings back their natural shine and glory. Fatty amino acids in avocado offer deep hydration to the dry hairs and give them a long-lasting smoothy touch. It provides all the basic nutrients for preventing hairs from getting damaged.