What to do in Case of Truck Accidents Happened Due to Wide Turns?

truck accident

It is extremely problematic to manoeuvre a big commercial truck in a densely populated zone. It’s tricky to turn the huge vehicle on narrow lanes. Trucks need larger space to turn and the wide turns need extra traffic lane. If the driver fails to turn safely, the truck can tip over, hit an oncoming vehicle and cause accident.

In order to make a right-hand turn, a commercial truck must swing the vehicle’s front before turning towards its right for steering clear of any obstacle. But, it is very unfortunate when the truck is making a wide right turn, it may exert influence on the rights of the approaching drivers, or crush a passenger car or biker between the curb and the truck. The trucks have to make wide right turns due to the lack of visibility and the trailer’s off-tracking. The truck operators have to see properly for turning right.

The trailer’s off-tracking:

While taking a right turn, the trier of the truck may not follow the tractor’s part. Hence, the truck driver has to turn wider for saving the curb, another car or a person.

Lack of visibility:

Whenever an 18-wheeler makes a right turn, the convex mirror faces the obstruction. During the left turn, there is less issue as the driver is on the left side and can see from the window.

The ability of truck drivers:

The truck drivers obtain adequate training and should continue to upgrade them for meeting the current licensing standards. Certain issues are addressed in the training sessions like:

  • The way of making a wide or swinging turn with safety.
  • The drivers are supposed to look out for the oncoming cars and bikes in their blind spots
  • The drives should make use of the signals
  • Waiting for a clear chance for turning

The worst part is even if the drivers check the blind spots, they may miss the view of an individual or a smaller vehicle.

The way trucks follow to warn about the wide right turns:

Trucks require lots of space for making wide turns. So, they must give signal 100ft prior to turning.

All the trucks are supposed to show a warning sign that let the other vehicle drivers aware of the wide right turns.

How to recover for the damages caused in a truck accident triggered by the wide turn?

The most vulnerable ones are the passenger car occupants, bike occupants, and the passerby. They can suffer brain trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, paralysis, limb amputations, severe wounds, etc.

The trucking companies and the truckers find out ways to dodge the compensation they are supposed to pay the victims. They also try to prove that the sufferer is completely or partially liable for the accident.

The plaintiff has the right to sue the truck driver for making wide turn wrecks due to negligence. This negligence can relate to the failure of the driver to take rest brakes, check the blind spots, overload the truck, not signalling while turning, etc.

The trucking company can be held responsible too. The indirect liability like Respondeat Superior can work right when the truck driver was carrying on the turn in the scope and course of the employment along with progressing the business of the employer. These theories don’t need the victim to show that the truing agency has executed a careless act that furthered the accident.

Responsibility of the truck drivers:

All the truck drivers should possess enough training to make wide turns. The truck company should be sure about the trucker’s ability to manoeuvre a big truck. If not, then the company authorities can be held liable for the accident too. The theory of direct liability involves negligent training, negligent hiring, and irresponsible supervision.

Being considerate to the trucks, obeying the speed limit, and being careful about wide right and left turns can save people from the massive catastrophes. The other vehicle drivers must allow enough space to the truck that is going to take the turn. Therefore, keep your eyes open and focus on the road and the traffic if you want to avoid such menace. Blow horns and let the truck driver know that you are at nearby proximity.