What to Do If Your Car Breakdowns Suddenly in the Middle of the Highway?

Car Breakdowns Suddenly

Imagine your car suddenly stopping in the middle of the national highway while you’re going on the trip you’ve always planned. It not only upsets your whole mood but you will be stuck not knowing what to do in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, it keeps you and your family vulnerable to outside dangers like robberies and other risks.

Car Breakdowns Suddenly

So, what to do when you’re faced with such situations? Well, then this blog will tell you what you can do and what options you will have at those dire times.

#1 Bring your car to a safe spot

No matter what road you are in (highway or city), the first thing to do is to bring your car to a safe spot. Your car should not stand in the way to the ongoing traffic. If your car is not starting, take help from your passengers to steer your car in a safe direction. 

#2 Turn on emergency lights

The second thing to do is to turn on all your car lights by pressing the emergency light button in your car. It alerts the vehicles that there is a car in halt. It particularly helps you during night times where the sight of long vision decreases.

#3 Diagnose the problem

After ensuring that you’re safely parked on the road, get down carefully, and inspect the problem that caused your car to stop. Is it your tyres, engine, or your car is showing any signs that need brake repairs? Have basic knowledge about the car and their various problems will help you easily diagnose the problem by yourself. Below are some of the common problems that you might face:

  • If it’s a tyre puncture

If your car stopped because your tyre got punctured, then the first thing you need to do is to pull over your car to the side of the road. And you should have a person who knows how to change tyres (provided you have a spare in the trunk). Then change it as quickly as possible and continue your journey towards your destination.

  • If it’s an engine problem

If the steam is coming out of the engine and is too hot to touch, try adding coolant like water. Additionally, check the connections to both your battery terminals. If not, use a wrench to tighten them.

  • If it’s a fuse box issue

The fuse box is located near the battery in the form of a box. Open the box and see if any fuse is blown. You will see the charred black coating making it difficult for you to see. So, first, clean the area with a fresh cloth to check if the connection is broken. 

Pro tip: While doing this, make sure your car is turned off and you are wearing safety gloves to protect your naked hands from extreme heats. 

Solution: Replace the blown fuse with the same type for your car to function normally. So, it’s better to carry a car repair kit with you especially when you are travelling a long distance. 

  • If it’s spark plug issue

Your engine sounds odd if there is a spark plug issue. So, make sure you carry a ratchet and spark-plug wrench to fix the spark plugs.

To resolve this issue, clean the spark plugs and see if they are connected to distributor leads. The distributor leads to ensure that the energy is carried right to fire the engine. As they are covered in black rubber substances, it’s easy to locate them. While fixing the spark plugs, ensure they are leading the main distributor cap.

After ensuring that they are well-connected, wipe off the visible dirt near and around the area of spark plugs. Otherwise, the dirt can accumulate more while driving causing more problems while you are on your way.

#4 See if your car starts

After diagnosing and resolving the issue, your car should start with no problem. After turning on the car, observe that no funny noises or weird smells are coming out of the engine. If there is no problem, steer your carefully to the highway and carry along with your journey to reach your destination.

#5 Call for help

If your car is still not working, don’t panic. Call police of that area or roadside assistance companies. While calling, sit in your car and don’t come out until necessary help came to you. Be alert to your surroundings and notify your family or friends about your situation.

Conclusion: Service your car beforehand!

To not find yourself in these situations, you need to be fore-sighted and service your car before you start your journey. It’s because licensed mechanics can identify underlying issues and rectify them so that they don’t cause problems while you drive. So, book a car service appointment a week before you plan your journey.

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