A lot of people participate in aerobic as well as various other workouts largely in order to drop some weight. Then again, engaging in excessive exercises of any type might make the body to begin reacting in a negative way. This brings to memory the aphorism that says – too much of anything is bad . And workout is no exception here.

Exercising is a very good thing and it would appear like exercising a lot more should provide more gains. In the ordinary sense, it really does offer a little extra benefits, till it is taken just a tad too far. At this point, your body may begin responding otherwise.

This is correct despite the fact that training is known to be a “healthy stress.” However, your adrenal glands simply cannot make a distinction between both.

Cortisol And Stress

Excessive exercise induces a body hormone identified as cortisol. This hormone tells the body to hold onto its accumulated fat stores. Your body releases cortisol whenever it is under pressure of any kind.

The tension could be from the school, workplace, unhealthy eating, too little sleep, family issues, and a number of other stuff. They can easily strain your body and make it to release cortisol. The regrettable thing is that the body also looks at exercise as a stressor.

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Effect of Excessive Physical Exercise
Whenever you drive your body too much for a long time it can trigger increased cortisol amounts, adrenal exhaustion, and even more hunger.

Stress, regardless of its origin, has a way of having an effect on neurotransmitters. Most of these neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, are our feel-good, anti-anxiety brain chemicals. Stress and a lot of intense physical fitness lowers the concentrations of all these neurotransmitters. This often leads to debilitating low energy, sleep disorders as well as despair.

Persistently high levels of cortisol could have adverse impact on weight reduction. It can also raise your risk of a variety of health and fitness problems.

Female Athlete Triad

For the ladies, Excessive training could also trigger the “female athlete triad”. This is a situation of, the probable loss of her period, eating problems, and also osteoporosis or bone mineral reduction. A combination of training and calorie limitation typically triggers these symptoms.

Testosterone Reduction

Also, it is a reality that testosterone and cortisol clash with each other. Androgenic hormone or testosterone is vital for the growth and repair of red blood cells, skeletal muscle, and bone. They also assist in fat reduction as they are very metabolically active.

Exercise intensity (which is greater than 50 percent of maximal oxygen utilization) of rather long duration sparks the sympathetic nervous system and brings about cortisol overproduction. Contrariwise, this suppresses testosterone secretion.

The lessened testosterone, for males, may simply result in decrease in libido. This could however be a combined impact of both physical exhaustion and also the lower testosterone quantities.

Decreased Immune System Functionality

Modest training really helps to boost your body’s disease fighting capability while excessive training has a tendency to repress it. Too much physical fitness increases the body’s vulnerability to infections. In addition, there is the elevated seriousness of small infections and also the decreased production of immunoglobulins.

In case you have been exercising too much, the very first action to take is for you to truthfully identify and admit this reality. You need to acknowledge to yourself that you’re really experiencing this situation.

Another idea that might help you to decrease the rate of your workout routines is to stick to an exercise schedule. This timetable should vary your training load and also include compulsory rest phases.

Nevertheless, it might be vital to seek help from a healthcare specialist for the management of both the psychological and physical symptoms.

However, this does not mean that you should give up on exercising but rather that you need to get the correct quantity.