hair transplant in punjab

Losing hair is one of the hurtful things for both men and women, right? Don’t worry!! There is one end solution to your hair loss problem. With the help of hair transplant treatment, you can retain your natural hair. As in general, hair loss is due to many reasons such as genetics, lifestyle and much more. But, you have to say thanks to technology since it has made your life simpler and easier as possible. Yes, science and invention help you to grow the hair in the bald area on your head. For this, you have to go with the hair transfer surgical procedure.

Though there are so many cities offer first-class hair transfer process, hair transplant in punjab offers good services at a reasonable price. And also, there are so many experienced surgeons are available and they help you to handle the surgical process with the utmost care. If you are the one who is looking for the unsurpassed way to get a reasonable hair transfer surgical process, then Punjab is the only place. go through the article and to be familiar with the steps involved in the hair transfer procedure!!

What are the steps of a hair transplant process?

With the help of advanced and technical instruments, hair transfer treatment is carried out. In order to go with this procedure, you have to find the perfect donor at first. Unless you don’t have natural growth since finding a donor is somewhat crucial in the hair transfer surgery. In addition, the procedure takes 5-6 hours to complete and so you will get immediate results. After the treatment, the patient will get high confidence and sure it will improve the overall appearance.

  • First and foremost, anesthesia is infused into the scalp of the patient in order to get pain-free treatment.
  • Then, this method is applied to both donors and patients and then prepared for extraction.
  • In FUSS, the surgeon will be extracted 6-10 inch strips of hair from the donor’s head and then it will be transplanted into the patients head. It is continued until the bald is covered.
  • And also, the surgeons will cover the scar of picked hair in the donor’s head. After that, the stretches are removed within 8-10 days.
  • Now, the grafts are grouped and then transplanted into the scalp of the patient and then placed carefully into the incisions.
  • The transplantation process takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete. While performing hair transfer treatment, the patients will experience some redness or little pain in the area.
  • After the treatment, the patient is given with a full medical kit along with washing instructions. Bear in mind; 6-month continue routine is needed to get healthy natural growth.
  • After that, the transplanted will be restored after 6-8 months, then the patient will get good-looking and then you will keep away the baldness.
  • With this treatment, you will get high-confidence and sure it will improve your overall appearance!