What Are Problems and Solutions Related to Vertical Blinds Birmingham?

vertical blinds Birmingham

When you are revamping your property, the most difficult part is to upgrade your windows. Some will like to have vertical blinds Birmingham while others favor a different look. But before you make any decision, you need to know what blinds and shades will be best to control the sunlight in your home. However, vertical blinds are always a preferred option, but it does not prove practical always. So we are going to discuss certain types of windows problems and also give a solution to it for light control.

Sliding glass doors 

Vertical blinds for these windows are not the best option because of their large size. Although vertical blinds can fit nicely on these windows; however, its size makes it difficult. So what you can do is that you can have the window shade split into a number of glass panels that you have. It will have one sliding door while the other will remain stationary. This will work best if you have a lot of traffic going in and out of the particular door. This proves the best solution for those that would not prefer to have vertical blinds on such a large window.

French doors

These doors can also present a huge problem. The vertical blinds will look great, but the handle of the door will pose an issue with the mechanics o the vertical blind. So to solve this problem, what you can do is to have a product with a low profile headrail. Also, you will need something that allows the veins of the blinds or other material to stay close to the door. This will eventually reduce the interference of the door handle.

Bathroom windows

Bathrooms are one of those places in the house that remain moist, and you need ventilation to keep the mildew from building up. Apart from that, you also need a significant amount of privacy while in your bathroom. The moisture available can cause the blinds to warp and crack over time. So you need those blinds that can stand up to these conditions.

Bay windows

Victorian house is known for its charm and elegance. It gives a nostalgic feeling of the past era. However, these houses have special windows that are known as a nightmare for the vertical blinds, and these are known as bay windows. On these windows, vertical blinds rather prove difficult to fit because they are not similar in shape. You can have the vertical blinds fitted, but it needs to be specially made. However, this is an expensive option but will add more charm to your window and also keep the light under control.


Several homes have windows known as skylights. They are famous for natural light and heat. But sometimes they let too much which causes the homes to get overheated and become too bright. And due to its position, it can become a challenge to fit the vertical blinds. However, some companies offer options that led you to control mechanically or manually. It will assist in controlling the light so that you can get the best use of your window.

Large windows

Some individual has homes with large windows that give a magnificent view of the scenery and blocking it to stop the sunlight means compromising the scenery. So a good solution to this issue is to purchase the vertical blinds that have a great deal of width between the slats. With this, you can filter out the sun and also prevent from losing the wonderful sight that you would love to see.


Lastly, some of us have archways above our doorways that permit the sunlight to come in. However, it seems difficult to fit the vertical blinds too. Sometimes the vertical blinds need to be cut down, and on the other hand, the companies will make them specific to your needs. They will be controlled by pole rather than the traditional chords.