Ways Of Achieving Financial Freedom While Studying Abroad As Per Rudraksh Immigration Mohali!


Indian students contribute to a vast majority of foreigners migrating to various countries to pursue higher education. This trend has seen an exponential rise in the last decade, in particular. The students are getting more aware and conscious of the importance of overseas education and the financial success that will follow soon after.

That is precisely the reason why most of the students are still willing to travel abroad for their studies even after the pandemic. Rudraksh Immigration Mohali, which has been in this space for over 27 years, sheds some light on the importance of financial freedom while living abroad through some techniques. Let us discuss these methods in a bit of detail.

  • Scholarships

Even before one actually embarks on the journey of overseas education, one can start affecting and shaping his living style from India itself. If one scores well on tests like GRE and IELTS, he/she is likely to receive a decent scholarship, which could be in the form of a reduction in tuition fee or monthly stipend during the studies.

Also, exemplary academic records can achieve the same outcome. In general, it is not very difficult to get a decent GRE score if your formal education has been in the English language. One just requires a little bit of preparation. Fluent English is bound to be an asset while studying and working afterward as well.

  • Exchange Programs Through Government Tie-ups

Most often than not, the regular potential students are not aware of various exchange programs that the Governments of the two countries have agreed upon. Under these mutual agreements, students can travel to the partner country/university to gain some experience by studying there for one or two semesters and develop some references for the future. These programs are Government funded and one requires to bear almost no personal expenses.

  • Part-Time Jobs

The most common and simple way to achieve financial independence once you have already started your education in a country is through working student jobs in part-time. This is how a vast majority of students earn some money on the side and use it to take care of their hobbies.

These hobbies might include travelling, learning new things, general expenses. Also, a lot of people actually save up to send some money back home. Not to mention, doing such jobs ensures the experience of the work culture of that country and interaction with the local population which is necessary to fit into the new environment effortlessly.

  • Internships and Connections

Students who want to get a complete taste of the work culture of a company or country can apply for internships at a later stage of their studies. This is an extremely common procedure adopted by the students to establish some strong connections in actual companies directly and also work full-time during the duration of the internship.

The internships are very well paid and ensure that you experience a decent standard of living even while studying. After completing the degree course, one can make use of these connections to land a permanent job. Being a permanent job, it will take care of your permanent residencies and living standards to develop your entire life around in that country.

A professional and experienced institute like Rudraksh Group is an ideal place to get information regarding how to achieve all this and more. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us to get your personal appointment to clarify all your doubts and maximize your chances of fulfilling your foreign dreams.