Top Five Urgent Care Billing Suggestions

urgent care billing

A steady flow of cash within a company is essential to its survival. It ensures, among other things, the consistent availability of funds needed to keep core processes running. In other words, it keeps a business afloat and provides the fuel it needs to keep running smoothly.

Unfortunately, the real-world scenario is riddled with problems such as late payments, red tape, and unpaid account receivables. Rejections, denials, and cases involving inaccurate billing or erroneous invoices exacerbate the problem. It’s no surprise that getting paid for services rendered frequently becomes a nightmare.

Consider the five most important urgent care billing tips listed below to avoid this scenario:

Set up your contracts

  • You have little chance of being paid on time if your clinic’s contracts with local payers for medical services aren’t properly formed. All of these contracts should ideally be in place before you start your clinic, so you don’t have to negotiate while waiting for claims to be reimbursed. You won’t be able to accept patients’ insurance coverage if you’re required to negotiate contracts. This means you’ll be forced to run only on cash which means you’ll have very few patients.

Excellent front-desk actions

In urgent care billing centers, front-desk staff should be trained to check each patient’s current insurance. This can help eliminate some claims that were incorrectly filed, such as those with incorrect

  • Demographics
  • Addresses
  • Insurance numbers

When some incorrect documents is submitted to a payer, it may be required to be resubmitted, or the claim may be denied entirely because it was sent to the wrong payer. It’s also a good idea to have your front-desk staff audit denied claims on a regularly to see if there are any patterns to the denials.

Important charges should not be overlooked

It’s very easy to overlook some important charges in the day-to-day frantic pace of a medical facility, and thus miss out on a payment that is due to you.

  • Injections
  • X-rays
  • Blood draws
  • Lab work
  • Reading results

Are just a small number of frequent mistakes. Another area where there is a lot of oversight and underpayment in urgent care billing is the amount of drugs dispensed. Therefore to avoid  non billing of these services, make sure that your staff is trained to recognize and include these frequently missed charges.

Use the appropriate billing codes

While coding for urgent care billing charges, selecting a lower-level 2 or 3 code may appear to be the best option. But higher-level codes are frequently justified and should be used in those situations. By underestimating the code levels on charges, your medical practice could be losing a significant amount of money every day.

Furthermore, the American Medical Association updates codes regularly, and thousands of new codes have recently been added to the compendium of charges. Make sure your office staff is aware of the new codes and are used correctly when billing.

Using the right code modifiers

Code modifiers assist in identifying the service provided to a patient and provide additional information beyond the charge’s base code. Although code modifiers are often necessary for determining what type of service was provided. They are frequently overlooked or misused, resulting in an inaccurate representation of the service provided. Ascertain that your staff is well-versed in the use of these code modifiers, as well as which code modifiers are accepted by all payers.

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