We have been serving the Tadley area for many years with high-quality products and services, including tyres and auto repairs. We have the best brands and models for you, whether you’re looking for new tyres in Tadley or a new car. Our team of highly experienced mechanics offers quick and customer-focused solutions that fit your budget and vehicle needs. When you bring your car to us, we’ll treat it like it’s our own and give you excellent service.

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There are many tyres to choose from Tyres Tadley.

Look through our many tyres Tadley to find the right one for you.

All-season tyres

We have a large selection of summer tyres that are great for driving when it is hot and rainy. These tyres help you get more miles per gallon because they are more stable when turning corners and last longer because they have different groove patterns and harder tread compounds.

Tyres for the cold season

You don’t find it easy to drive in the winter, do you? When the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, any vehicle with winter tyres needs Tadley’s winter Tyres Arborfield. Winter tyres are long-lasting and great for driving on ice and snow because they would made of high-quality rubber and have new tread patterns.

In all-weather tyres

These Tadley tyres are the most versatile and work well in most weather. These tyres are a great choice because they are easy to use and reliable all year long. They work well both when it’s wet and when it’s dry, and their smart design means they’ll last a long time.

Tyres for vehicles with four-wheel drive

Installing 4×4 tyres on your SUV will not only give you better control but will also save you money on gas and make your driving experience better. These tyres are suitable for both on and off-road use. They make it easy to turn corners and can carry more weight. We currently have three options in stock: Road, All-Terrain, and Mud.

Wheels that do well

When you drive your sports car, Tadley performance tyres will give you the best response. The unique compounds and tread patterns of these tyres make them more stable in corners and reduce heat buildup so that you have the most control at high speeds.

Punctured or worn-out tyres

There are many benefits to run-flat tyres Tadley, such as increased safety, better driving comfort, and less storage space needed because you don’t need to carry a spare wheel and tools. The most important benefit is security. Even if the tyre is completely flat, you can keep driving because the sidewalls are strong and unique. This means you don’t have to change the tyre on the hard shoulder or on a busy road, which can be dangerous. For the next 50 miles, the fastest speed you can go is 50 mph.

Tyres for bikes

We also have a large number of motorcycle tyres to choose from.

No matter what your budget is, we have the right tyres for your car.

Don’t have time to choose a garage, buy it, and wait for it to get installed? Don’t worry, I can help. You can look at and buy cheap tyres in Tadley from our website. If you know the VIN number for your car or the size of the tyres you need, you can quickly see what we have in stock for your car.

Why having us check your car is a good idea –

Keeping up with routine maintenance will make your car last longer by keeping the parts from wearing out.

Any hidden damage or problems will get found during the inspection. As a result, driving will be safer and more comfortable.

When a vehicle is regularly checked and serviced, it is easy for it to pass its MOT.

A car with a full-service history has a higher resale value.

When a car is well-maintained, it uses less gas.

Our experts say that you should have your car serviced and fixed regularly.

We have the simplest solutions for your car that don’t cost extra. You can call us at 0118 981 5611, or you can just come to our garage.

This website helps you to schedule tyre installation and choose a time that is convenient for you. We have a wide range of popular tyres, including Bridgestone tyres Tadley, Michelin tyres, 4×4, and wagon tyres, as well as elevated tyres.

These tyres are available in the budget, medium, and luxury brands.

We understand that price is an important factor when getting tyres, so when you look for your rubber size, we will show you a choice of options to ensure that you get the best value.