Total Security Antivirus Software


Antivirus software is designed to protect systems as well as data from Trojans viruses, worms, viruses and spyware, malware, advertising, phishing, etc. In the 21st century technology, the technology has advanced to a level , where not only organisations and businesses are benefiting from it, but also suffering the negative impact too.

The development of technology has resulted in improving the protection of data and security for businesses and customers as hackers come up with various tricks and methodsThe only solution that can prove beneficial in reducing the likelihood of security breaches is an antivirus program.

In the present scenario of covid-19, more than half the population is working from home so that the virus is contained. It has been determined that currently due to global outbreaks, the risk of security attacks have increased significantly as users are using their systems on regular basis.

Therefore, it is easier for hackers to penetrate the system and disrupt the saved data that is stored within the system. The reason is, they use it or harm it for foolish goalsIt is therefore important for the users to understand the importance of using an Total Security Antivirus Software program since it is the most effective solution.

Let’s now talk more deeply about different aspects that software has to offer.

What’s the reason for a need to utilize Protegent Antivirus?

To figure out the answer to this question, we’ll look at two scenarios as it would make it easier to comprehend the significance of software.

Nick and Tom are employed by the “ABC” Company and both are team leaders for the same organization as it specializes in data management services for customers . They also provide services to other businesses too. Two managers have been recruited since managing the data is an extremely difficult job and they can’t take the risk with the security measures. Nick has been working in security and IT and security industry for more than 10 years. Tom has eight years of experience.

Both were given the responsibility of ensuring that there’s no issue connected to security. We will now discuss Nick. Nick who is responsible for the Total Security of the company. He has ensured the integration of security measures that will aid the business in managing security. Even after many years of experience, Nick did not install the antivirus program and was unable to resolve issues with the system.

The system had been compromised and data had been wiped outThe reason for this was that there was a gradual slowing of his system, and additionally, suspicious activities within the system. He found out that attackers had inserted the virus inside the systemsHe was dismissed from the company.

On the other hand, Tom who holds the 8 years of experience has brought security of the systems. The noteworthy thing is that Tom does not have to check for the system hourly. The reason for augmented security is that he has installed the Protegent antivirus softwareBut, he has recommended the same to Nick however he was over-confident to handle by himselfThis software upgrades the system for Tom on frequent basis and informs him when there’s suspicious activityHe also don’t have to worry about the data security because software doesn’t permit anyone to access the system, and it encrypts data safely.

As we conclude this story, it would have been clear from the beginning how vital Protegent antivirus program isMost importantly, organizations who specialize in managing data shouldn’t ignore the need of it in order to protect themselves from any cyber-attack or security threat.

Benefits of Protegent Antivirus

Let’s look at the benefits Protegent antivirus can offer its customers:

  • One of the major benefits of using the software is the fact that it ensures that the system is secure from virus and any kind of transmission. Users would be able to determine the virus in advance and its removal could be initiated. The software takes care of everything by itself.
  • Popup ads and spam advertisements have become the major source of viruses in recent times and removing the virus is a complicated task. But, Protegent antivirus software use the advantage of resolving this issue and efficiently. It doesn’t only combat them but also makes certain that access to networks is denied to unauthorised entities.
  • Fake emails have become a common thing in the present daysIt becomes problematic for the people to tell if they’re real or not as they seems to be genuineSo, in this instance, again Protegent antivirus plays a crucial function. If it is installed already within the system, then there’s no need to be concerned as it will detect suspicious emails and deletes it prior to it leading to a system-wide damage. It also prevents access of data for unidentified users.
  • Another motive for using this software is to protect yourself from removable devices. It is hard to identify any suspicious activity within devices like pen drives USBs and CD/DVDs, however using software helps in eliminating this issue alsoThe device is scanned when connected to the system, and when it detects suspicious activity, it will block the entry of it into the system.

Features of Protegent Antivirus

In relation to the features of software, then read the following discussion:

  • The integration of the latest cloud protection technology allows to detect emerging security threats. It also ensures that the additional layer of security is applied within the system as well as the data.
  • The function of active virus control is built into the software because it has the capability of monitoring the applications that are running on the computer. It also takes care of being able to identify the objects and malware that aren’t ethical.
  • The feature to prevent malware is present in the software since it benefits in monitoring the malware continuouslyIf the malware is discovered and removed, the program will remove it within the system without the user’s knowledge.
  • The setting protection feature is located in the software that helps to protect the settings for a user who has a password. It doesn’t let the unauthorized user alter or modify the settings, even if they have the admin rights.
  • The hourly update feature helps in providing updates every hour and securing the system from viruses effectively.


After the article is finished, it has been determined that the use for Protegent antivirus software can be beneficial to both corporate and userIt has become one of the most renowned software products only because of its efficienciesIt has offered incredible benefits, with amazing features and distinctive modules.

In the current situation, majority of people are opting to work at home because of coronavirus. Therefore, the software is an excellent savior as it would help to safeguard the system as well as data entirely because probabilities of cyber-attacks or security threats have also increased due to the spread of the virus.