Top Refrigerator Brands in India

Best Refrigerators in India

A survey was recently made to determine the Top 10 refrigerator brands to know which ones are the most popular and more likely to be purchased. Some of the famous brands that were not likely to be chosen actually had the highest quality refrigerators out there.

It was not an easy competition as there were a lot of refrigerator brands with a lot of benefits. It came down to the top 4 that were able to attract more customers gaining more purchases and making them the most famous in terms of refrigerators. However, according to the refrigerator reviews, the toughest competition was faced between the first and second refrigerator.

Anyways here are the top 2 refrigerator brands in accordance with popularity.


Whirlpool Refrigerators, which It contains sixty six different models and it ranges from $500 to $2900. It is considered one of the most affordable refrigerators, therefore, making it easy on customers to buy. Not only is it affordable, but reliable as well providing an excellent freezer fridge with different whirlpool refrigerator lines and styles giving many options for buyers to choose from. They have Whirlpool French Door Bottom, Whirlpool Side by Side, Whirlpool Bottom Freezer and Whirlpool Top Freezer. One of its unique features is that it saves up space by placing the ice dispenser system plus the indoor ice in the freezer door. It also has what they call a multipoint White that brightens the refrigerator giving it a unique look to set a good environment in the kitchen.

There is also another kind of Whirlpool Refrigerators, which are called the Whirlpool Gold Refrigerators. They provide bigger capacity in order for big families to have space to place their foods. Sometimes families also face problems with a small kitchen side. Surprisingly, one of the special features of the gold refrigerator is the reversible door swing, allowing the door to open the other side. Another feature is the spillguard glass shelf that is a removable shelf that is used to prevent hazards when water spills like in most refrigerators. Last is the Energy star certification, which is a label guaranteeing the quality of the Whirlpool Refrigerator.


Samsung Refrigerators, which are made to help keep refrigerators organized. It is surprising as Samsung is commonly known for their LCD monitors, cell phones, printers and cameras. Thinking that Samsung can top second in refrigerator reviews is almost impossible to realize. However, with its high tech experience, it was able to do it again and bring many customers to buying their refrigerators.

They created more space inside the refrigerator with the Four Door Refrigerators. With twin cooling systems such as the French Door Refrigerator, Samsung made many impressive models. They provided side by side refrigerators with an external ice and water dispenser. Last is the Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators, which are simpler in style and smaller in size and contain an automatic ice maker.

Samsung also has a Wi-Fi smart fridge with a touchscreen on it to make life easier and to enhance its customers with a taste of modern technology. After all, Samsung is a high technology manufacturing company.