Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Pakistan

Top Pharmaceutical Companies

Would you like to find pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan? There are many pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan that make medicines to treat people and improve their health. Nowadays, medicines are necessary for every age. Everyone, whether they are humans, animals, or anything that breathes, needs medicine. Manufacturers of medicines do their best to keep that in mind as well. The following are details of the services offered by the many Top Pharmaceutical Companies based in Pakistan, and interested in knowing which pharmaceutical company is the most popular in Pakistan? In Pakistan, the pharmaceutical industry has a track record of profitability that serves millions of consumers. Providing the many health needs of people through their unique products and healthcare equipment has helped them earn record revenues.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company Ltd:

The GlaxoSmithKline company Ltd has done many services in Pakistan, making it the oldest Company in Pakistan. This company commits itself to provide its customers with the best service in the field of Infectious Diseases, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Analgesics, Oncology, Urology, Major Anxiety Disorders, Hypertension, Dermatological, Cardiovascular, and Vitamin Therapy. Additionally, the company is a registrant of Karachi Exchange, in which it produces such medicines.

Wilshire Labs (Pvt.) Ltd

Wilshire Labs (Pvt) Ltd is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Lahore. Over 35 years of manufacturing experience include WHO, cGMP, and DRAP certifications. Pharmacies, nutraceuticals, and natural products of the highest quality are available through them. In addition to serving humanity’s national and global needs, Wilshire has established more than 20 international markets. They have recently expanded their services and reach, which shows their commitment to supporting their mission and vision. Dedication to improving human health underpins their unwavering commitment.

Sami Pharmaceutical Company Ltd:

The Sami company believes that quality should be built into the final product from the outset. Since multinational pharmaceutical companies dominated the market, pharmaceuticals presented a particular challenge to the company. The company also launched standard branded generics, some of which achieved prominent positions in their respective categories. SAMI adds new products to their line-up in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Getz Pharmaceutical Company Ltd:

With 45 employees, Getz Pharmaceutical Company establishes a small revenue base and doesn’t have any international operations. The company produces generic brands of world-class quality. Over 5700 highly qualified Getz employees revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry.


As one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, Sanofi was built-in 1967. Sanofi operates the most modern manufacturing facility in Karachi. Cephalosporin units (Claforan® Plant), Haemaccel® Plant, Solids Manufacturing Unit, and Oral Liquid Manufacturing Unit are the four autonomous business units of the company. 

With Sanofi in Pakistan, quality of life and diabetes management has been significantly improved. Moreover, As well as providing diagnostic services for Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD) at no cost, they offer free clinical evaluations. This company is the 7th largest pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan, striving to provide users with practical, quality, and affordable products.

Abbott Laboratories Pakistan:

We have two product branches in Karachi (Korangi) and Landhi (Landhi), and we’re known as a global healthcare agency and the most authentic company. More than 1500 employees work for us. In 1948, a marketing association was built-in Pakistan.

Halton Pharma Company Ltd:

Pakistan’s largest pharmaceutical Company, Hamilton Pharma, has operations situated throughout the country. A member of an innovative group of corporations, the company adheres to the highest standards of work ethics and compliance with current industry standards.

Searle Company Pakistan:

The establishment of the Searle Company in Pakistan dates back to 05 October 1945. SITE is the only facility where the Searle Company has its manufacturing operations. In addition, Aldactone, Lomotil, Diodoquin, Ovulen, Neomycin Sulfate, Probanthine, and Hydryllin are advertising.

Ferozsons Pharmaceutical Company:

As the only company in Pakistan with global distribution partners, Ferozsons Company has a unique position in the industry. Their products include gastroenterology, herpetology, cardiology, and oncology. Diabetes is a rapidly growing market, as well.

Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company.

 As one of the most successful and long-standing companies in the health sector, Pfizer Pakistan has been working in Pakistan for many years. This company began operations in Pakistan in 1959. First built on 05 February 1959, the West Wharf industrial port area was Pfizer’s first plant. Moreover, When the company began manufacturing products in 1961, it initially went through local distributors, but once production reached a rapid pace, it expanded its distribution network.

Bayer Pharmaceutical Company.

Health care and agriculture are two of Bayer Pharmaceutical Company’s core competencies. An Establishment of 150 years ago, Bayer Pharmaceuticals is well known for its products in both industries. By contributing to research and development, the company contributes to developing a better world.

Wyeth Pharma Pakistan Ltd

Wyeth Pakistan was built-in 1949 in Pakistan and had been successfully operating since then. A component of the employer’s activities includes producing and advertising research-based moral specialties and other pharmaceutical products. There are two stock exchanges in Pakistan, one in Karachi and one in Lahore.


The number of top-quality pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan has steadily increased over the past few years so that fighting diseases is now easier than ever. Various top pharmaceutical companies in Lahore produce medicines that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their respective populations. 

No matter the age, medicine sometimes is necessary for everyone; whether it is a human, an animal, or something that breathes, all of us need it sometimes. Furthermore, Pharmaceutical companies are also taking steps to make sure that people have access to treatments. Check out some of the best pharmaceutical companies on the market listed up.