Top Oracle Certifications – Everything You Need to Know

Oracle Certifications

Getting Oracle cloud certifications is an excellent approach to expand your qualifications as an IT professional. However, Oracle training is not easy, so these individuals are in high demand and receive well-deserved respect throughout the IT industry. The skills developed during the certification exam are distinctive and valued in the job market.

Top Oracle Certifications

These nine primary categories classify Oracle certifications:

  • Oracle Applications
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Enterprise Management
  • Oracle Industries
  • Oracle Java and Middleware
  • Oracle Operating Systems
  • Oracle Systems
  • Oracle Virtualization

They do not limit it to a single role and offer various job opportunities for all kinds of people. You can choose the one according to your interest. A few branches of Oracle are:

  1. Oracle Database Operator (DBO) – The database operators’ work is to assist DBA’s with daily operational issues like installations, backup, and recoveries.
  2. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) – The OCA needs to work with database administrators or application developers as a junior member. This job is best suitable for freshers and newcomers to the industry. The OCA certification enhances the chances of landing an offer.
  3. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – OCPs are the members who manage databases on a large scale and possess advanced skills and abilities. It is appropriate for people who have experience in the field. The certification can help them to move upwards in their career to better positions. Candidates with this certification would know how to keep the database running at maximum efficiency.
  4. Oracle Certified Master (OCM) – OCM is the highest level of certification in the Oracle Certification Program. Candidates with this certification would be responsible for critical database systems and applications.

Oracle training provides you with a skill set that is useful for your future. Oracle certifications are reliable and trustworthy and can accelerate an individual’s professional career and advance productivity. As you move forward from one certification to another, you signify a benchmark of experience and expertise.

Benefits of Being Oracle Certified

Getting a certification in any recognized known Oracle technology can be a boost for your career.

  • The skills and abilities gained through Oracle training will help you further in your career and lead to better job opportunities. It will also help you make an impressive resume.
  • It provides you with the knowledge to help the employer differentiate you from others in this competitive field, thereby increasing the number of job openings.
  • Oracle certification allows you to choose your path. Oracle SQL certification provides you with an opportunity to gain knowledge on writing subqueries and also combine multiple queries with hands-on lab exercises. There are many other similar certifications.
  • Earning an Oracle certification will lead to an increase in salary. It helps you become stable, credible, and valued. Oracle certifications are in high demand, which ensures being certified will give you a priority over others.
  • Candidates have a variety of options that they can select. If you want to learn about programming and build a foundational understanding of JAVA, the Oracle java certification is most appropriate for you.

Benefits of Hiring an Oracle Certified Candidate

It does not restrict the benefits of Oracle training to just the employees, but also for the employers:

  • Oracle certified employees are consistent and perform at a higher level and with greater productivity than non-certified employees.
  • Organizations that hire Oracle-certified employees show a higher staff retention rate.
  • Certified employees provide higher job satisfaction than others.

How to Become Oracle Certified

Follow the steps given below:

  • The very first thing it required you to do is choose an Oracle certification. Decide what you want to learn and which field interests you the most. Research and gain knowledge regarding that certification.
  • The next step is preparation. Hard work is necessary to earn any certification. Nothing good ever comes easy; you need to work for it. Take the Oracle training and the recommended courses.
  • When you’re ready, register and choose a date for your examination. You can wait if you want to and get a voucher.


Oracle certification is advantageous for one’s career as it helps to stand out from the crowd. There are various levels of Oracle certifications suited for all types of career goals. You can research them and choose whichever you like. Go ahead and get Oracle certified!