Top Buddhist Spots to Visit on Your Varanasi Trip

Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages
Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages

Varanasi, a religious city in India is located on the western banks of the holy river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. The city is considered sacred in the Hindu religion. Varanasi is even mentioned as pious in the greatest Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’. Varanasi served as the hugest trade centre when Lord Buddha visited here for his first sermon in 500 BC.

Varanasi city is clearly world-famous, and it has served as a home to the Hindu religion and has conserved the culture, tradition and even overall rituals of the Hindu religion. The place offers you a tranquil feel and pilgrims visit Varanasi for heavenly blessings. You can even take up Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages and ensure that you go to all the Buddhist spots in this city.

The land of Buddha

You know this rich Land of Buddha fetches an opportunity to visit the religious destinations in Varanasi. The city is even regarded as pious in the Buddhist religion. With tailor-made affordable packages, The Land of Buddha is the main choice of various tourists from around the world.

Actually, you know what, once you are in Varanasi, don’t forget to go to the pilgrimage town of Sarnath, which is spotted ten kilometres north of Varanasi. It may interest you that it is one of the four spiritual spots intrinsically connected to the life of the Buddha. After getting the enlightenment, Buddha actually taught the Dharma at this spot and founded Buddhism. Moreover, the five companions with whom Buddha had sought this enlightenment during the time of asceticism were intended as monks on this occasion, underlining the formation of the Sangha.

Presently, Sarnath is considered to be an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists from around the globe. Moreover, cultural-historical treasures that date from the Ashoka period up to the 12th century encompass remains of stupas, monasteries and even that of Ashoka pillars, and bear observer to the former greatness of the place, which – until its obliteration in the twelfth century was a prosperous centre of both Buddhist art and teaching.

Why Should You visit the spiritual spots of Varanasi?

Well, there are many of you who may be thinking about what the point is of going to religious spots. Well, the point is you can make the most of your visits when you go to the spots that are good looking, stunning and even mesmeric. Whether Buddhism or any other religious spots, you can be beamed once you explore them. You would feel good and miraculous when you go to spiritual spots that are divine and really gorgeous.

You Get to know about the cultures

when you go to the different spots of spiritualism, you would not just get to know about the spiritual side but also culture. You can know what exactly the temples have to cater for you and how they can turn out to be so special for people. of course, there are visitors who fall in love with the Buddhist spots on their first visit. Hence, they experience a great time in Varanasi.


So, check out the Buddhist circuit tour package price and ensure that you go ahead on this spiritual ride. You would love it for sure.