Top Authentic Dirndl Designs of 2019

Top Authentic Dirndl Designs of 2019

Oktoberfest is approaching once again and that means the authentic Bavarian outfits are in the limelight once more. Lederhosen for men and the German dirndl dress for women are the classical outfits that have defined the fashion at Oktoberfest for years. Oktoberfest, for those who are not familiar with it, is the largest beer festival in the world. It is marked by millions of beer enthusiasts who travel to Munich each year to drink and celebrate. Among the festival’s most noticeable features are the authentic Bavarian costumes worn by men and women.

Since the festival takes place in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, so the traditional clothing of the region has become an integral part of the celebration. The dirndl dress itself was introduced in the 18th century in Bavaria and was worn by peasant women and maids. The dress caught the attention of the upper class because of the flexibility it provided and the way it complemented their figure. Soon, affluent women started wearing dirndl and it became a popular fashion trend.

Today, the dirndl dress is not worn as commonly as in 18th century Bavaria. However, it is worn to festivals, celebrations and even weddings. If you are going to attend Oktoberfest 2019, then packing the latest dirndl dress is a must for women. Though the range of choices one can get in these dresses is dizzying. From the fabric used to the style at the front, there is so much variety that it is easy to be overwhelmed. Fortunately, we are here to guide you through the top dirndl dress designs of 2019 so that you look fantastic at this year’s Oktoberfest.

What to Look for in a Lederhosen Store?

Before you decide which dirndl or lederhosen to wear, you need to know where to look for them. Though there are many places that sell lederhosen, especially in Germany, you will have to keep a keen lookout for places that have authentic lederhosen for sale. Once you do find a genuine Lederhosen store where you can get variety in a dirndl, it’s time to look for the latest trends in custom Bavarian clothing.

Satin Silk Aprons

Dirndl dresses are made from all sorts of fabrics but some are more commonly used than others. Silk, satin, and velvet are the most popular choices for dirndl because of their look and feel. These expensive materials also make the traditional Bavarian clothing more appealing to look at.


One of the most desired dirndl designs is the satin silk apron at the front. This combination allows you to flaunt the traditional Bavarian look while maintaining a touch of the modern fashion. The aprons are available in a wide range of colour including pink, red, green and blue. However, you have to be mindful of a couple of things when wearing an apron dirndl to Oktoberfest.

A knot tied on the right side at the back means you are taken whereas a knot on the left side means you are single. Waitresses at Oktoberfest wear the knot in the centre.

V-neckline and High necked

Keep in mind that the reason dirndl dress got so much attention in Bavaria was because of its ability to flaunt women’s figures. As such, this design reignites the original passion of the dirndl dress. It allows women to flaunt some skin below the neck while keeping the traditional Bavarian look.


This design has actually been famous at Oktoberfest for quite a number of years. It is considered to encompass the true spirit of the original lederhosen in Germany and is seen being worn at every Oktoberfest.

Dirndl Blouse

The dirndl costume is quite versatile. As such, the dirndl blouse has been a favourite for women at Oktoberfest. It remains one of the top authentic dirndl designs for Oktoberfest 2019 because of its classic styling and elegant outlook.


Though the blouses generally come in black and white, yet they can be customized for each individual. They are most commonly worn with crop tops however, you will see women wearing them with off-the-shoulder styles, shoulder cutouts, on-the-shoulder styles, puffy sleeves, frill style sleeves, short, and long sleeves. This versatility is one of the specialities of dirndl blouses and why you need to pack them for this year’s Oktoberfest.

Checkered Dirndl Dress

Checkered dirndl dresses are a recent addition to the dirndl design trends. The checkered designs can vary in form and colour. The best part is that they can be printed onto skirts, aprons and blouses. So you can have the font style of your choice with the option of checkered design.


These were just some of the top dirndl designs for Oktoberfest 2019. But no matter what you choose, be sure to wear it once your final purchase. After all, it is important you feel comfortable when enjoying your time in Munich.