Top 8 Programming Languages You Should Consider For Your Mobile App Development

Programming Languages

How many times do you open your favorite app in a day? What is the exact number of apps that you have ever downloaded on your smartphone? How many days can you survive without using any mobile apps?

It isn’t easy to answer. Right?

But one simple thing is visible here. That is, mobile apps have been an inseparable part of our lives today. You might find an application is waiting to be found in the app store for every possible human need.

So, there is no prize for guessing that the demand for mobile apps is steadily rising every day. Gone are those days where a business owner could ignore the compulsion of creating a mobile app.

Now, you have no option left except to take the plunge to develop your mobile app. And, here comes the necessity of choosing the right technology, the appropriate programming language.

This context raises a lot of questions. Which languages are the most popular ones in 2021? What are the pros and cons of using them? Which one will be suitable for your requirement? We heard you and answered each of them in this article. Dive into it right now.


Javascript will never be outdated until people stop using the internet. This programming language is best for cross-platform app development, mobile apps used for several platforms, and web browsing.

You can smoothly make it run in different environments. You can even compile it from a broad array of programming languages. Well, you might be thinking I am biased about JavaScript. And, you are right. As per my opinion, JavaScript is the best programming language.  

JavaScript Pros:

  • You can use it in many ways through Node.js
  • Straightforward to work with
  • Easy to control
  • Faster on the client-side browsing
  • No need to be compiled

JavaScript Cons:

  • It is vulnerable
  • Hackers can exploit it for malicious purpose
  • Some browser support issues may arrive in some cases
  • Server-side scripts always deliver the same output
  • Client-side can be a bit vulnerable


Let’s talk about the most popular object-oriented programming language in 2021. The award goes to JAVA. JAVA has multiple in-built open-source libraries. It provides the developers with various options to choose from.

JAVA provides you with the best documentation and community support. Moreover, it is pretty much user-friendly. JAVA offers users a vibrant spectrum of features. Developers can build robust Android apps, server apps, websites, embedded space, cross-platform apps, and more by using this programming language.

JAVA Pros:

  • Appreciated for code reusability and portability
  • Codes run in several environments, browsers, virtual machines, and multiple platforms
  • Platform-independent language
  • Portable, versatile, and flexible
  • Simplified and machine-independent programming language

JAVA Cons:

  • A few bugs may occur when it is run in a virtual machine
  • Poor garbage collection can result in complex implementation
  • Poorly written class libraries
  • Complex syntax


This widely popular language is mainly used for developing desktop apps, web applications, machine learning, network server, media tools, etc. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are some examples of Python.

Python offers the users excellent library support. It also includes robust integration and enhanced control capabilities. Let me add a vital tip along with that. If you are a start-up owner and planning to build an app for your new business, Python can be the best bet for you.

Python Pros:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to learn
  • Excellent at readability
  • A perfect pick for software development
  • Best for analyzing, computing numeric and scientific data
  • Supports multiple systems and platforms
  • Has a vast set of flexible mobile app development frameworks
  • Support GUI applications

Python Cons:

  • Slow execution time
  • It doesn’t go hand in hand with modern application development and memory-intensive tasks


If you are developing a mobile app that needs database access, you should give PHP a shot. It is also an open-source language. Generally, the developers use it for coding applications, command-line scripts, and server-side scripts.

PHP is most recommended for creating mobile apps, content-heavy apps, eCommerce applications, and dynamic web applications. PHP can be easily embedded into HTML5 and HTML. A few examples of PHP are Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

PHP Pros:

  • Easy to learn
  • Platform-independent
  • Exceptionally compatible with smooth integration
  • Excellent with content-heavy apps
  • In-built security features to keep complex security threats away

PHP Cons:

  • Not suitable for large applications
  • Not modular and challenging to maintain
  • Bugs can occur quickly
  • The framework demands expertise in error handling


C-sharp is an object-oriented and general-purpose programming language. It is hugely used for mobile app development, majorly for windows apps and cross-platform app development.

C# offers you everything you get in other programming languages such as JAVA, Objective-C, and Swift. I will suggest you blindly trust C# while developing an interactive and high-performance game app.

C# Pros:

  • Fast, user-friendly, and easy to deploy
  • Modern, simple, and general-purpose language
  • Functional, strong typing, generic, declarative, component-oriented, imperative, and object-oriented disciplines.

C# Cons:

  • Difficult for beginners
  • Case sensitive and creates confusion even if there is a minor mismatch


The complete form of SQL is Structured Query Language. The developers prefer using SQL to assess, communicate, and manipulate the authoritative database for the applications.

SQL is developed to meet particular standards such as ISO and ANSI. You will often see SQL to be used in business intelligence tool platforms.

SQL Pros:

  • A powerful and popular query language
  • Support several database choices
  • Can handle multiple transactions in a single query
  • Fast for retrieving data
  • High availability and consistency of data

SQL Cons:

  • Hard to interface
  • Difficulty in adding a few lines of code in the middle
  • A flexible and predefined data model
  • Hard to convert data from objects into database tables
  • Vertically scalable
  •  It runs on a single server, so you need to upgrade the hardware if the speed increases
  • Less partition tolerance


Kotlin is a statistically typed programming language. Developers use the language for building modern Android applications. It is one of the best languages for mobile apps.

Kotli can influence other programming languages such as JAVA to create high-performing apps. A few examples of popular apps on Kotlin are Coursera, Evernote, Trello, and more.

Kotlin Pros:

  • Clean and concise syntax boosts team efficiency.
  • It easily overrules the shortcomings of JAVA
  • It Has full support from GIDE’s installation packages, including SDK and Android.
  • It generates simpler, cleaner, and more compact code as compared to JAVA.

Kotlin Cons:

  • Still a new language in the market
  • Hard to learn if you are a fresh learner, so think before you choose it.
  • Sometimes it gets slow.
  • Limited resources for learning this language.


is an upstanding choice for mobile app developers. It is an object-oriented programming language that contains generic and low-level memory manipulation features.

You can use C++ for developing native and android apps. Developers implement C++ to build GUI-based applications, games, banking apps, and real-time mathematical simulations. It can adapt to changing ecosystems or hardware quickly. That makes C++ famous for creating Cloud computing apps.

C++ Pros:

  • Fast and stable
  • It has a vast pool of ready-to-use in-built libraries.
  • People can learn JAVA, C, C# fast If they know C++
  • The app can run on all platforms and take advantage of all hardware while using C++.
  • No garbage collector runs in the background.

C++ Cons:

  • Complex syntax
  • Small standard library.
  •  A complicated programming language.
  • It doesn’t support garbage collection.

A few words before you go

The world of programming language shows constant evolution. Today you are seeing some languages like Kotlin and SQL are considered trending ones. Tomorrow you might see some other languages replacing them.

Still, some languages like JavaScript and JAVA are evergreen. You will always find them in every list of the most popular programming languages for developing mobile apps. No matter whether the year is 2021 or 2051.