Top 7 Advantages of Using Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender

As the world goes to a healthier lifestyle, a healthy diet becomes a huge part of it. You have to start taking care of the little things, such as getting the best fiber supplement for a keto and having adequate water intake. A blender for making healthy smoothies becomes essential here.

Like most kitchen equipment, a blender is often a long-term investment. It is one of those products that can help you in more ways than one. Therefore, buying a good model is essential to make sure your investment goes a long way. It is a fairly good idea to invest a little bit more money once rather than save it and end up spending a lot of money on repairs over the years. Enter the ninja blender.

The ninja blender is one of the products that have good performance reviews by both critics and users. There are various ninja blender types and accessories. You can even get a ninja blender with cups if you want. It can help you make a lot of delicious and energizing smoothies and shakes.

Unique Ways to Use a Ninja Blender:

There are various clichéd ninja blender uses like using a ninja blender for smoothies or using a ninja blender to grind coffee. But the sheer power makes it capable of doing a lot more.

1.   Making Protein Shakes

You might think this isn’t that unique, so let us explain. This is especially for people who are into fitness. We aren’t talking about a protein shake with just the powder. We are talking about the shakes which are made with foods rich in protein, like peanut butter and bananas. Making a good shake, which is both creamy and smooth, is extremely easy with this blender.

2.   Light and Fluffy Eggs for Whatever You Need

Everyone loves a good egg dish to get their mornings started. Be it scrambled eggs or omelettes, eggs taste the best when they are light and fluffy. But everyone doesn’t want to whisk it for that perfect consistency. Well, just turn it on, and mix the contents for about 5 seconds (10 seconds if the power is low). Eggs will be both light and fluffy, and you can use them for anything you want to cook.

3.   Making Sorbet

A slightly unusual choice for dessert; sorbets are usually served thick and cold. They require just a few ingredients to make. You can take the ninja blender and throw them all in, blend them till they are smooth, and then put the contents into the freezer. After some time, your sorbet is ready to eat. If you are worried about the pitcher and blades after this ordeal, don’t worry because it is a ninja blender, dishwasher-safe.

The Advantages of Having a Ninja Blender:

While Ninja offers you a ninja blender and food processor combo and a ninja blender and juicer combo as well, a ninja blender by itself is extremely self-sufficient to handle kitchen duties. You don’t need a “ninja blender how to use” manual to operate it since it’s so user-friendly. Here are the top advantages:

1.   Sheer Power

As we have already mentioned in this article, ninja blenders are extremely powerful. They are capable of shredding almost anything you put into them. And given their size, you can fit a lot of things into them. Having a ninja blender milkshake or a ninja blender ice cream will be easier than ever because it can even crush the ice with ease.

2.   Less Noise

With great power comes a loud noise (and great responsibility too). However, Ninja has alleviated this problem by making this model quieter than almost all of its competitors. No one wants to hear the loud noise in the morning, or during any part of the day, especially when others may be watching something. With a ninja blender, you don’t have to.

3.   Design

Home décor is very important these days for most people. Ninja takes care of these by manufacturing all sorts of blenders that can fit on countertops or other stands. Ninja blenders fit into the design of most kitchens. Moreover, along with being pleasant, the design is also ergonomic.

4.   Compatible with Both Dishwashers and Microwaves

When a company stays in an industry for a long time, they develop ways to remove common problems before they even occur. One of the biggest problems is the hard work it takes to clean all their parts. Ninja solves this problem by making all the parts completely dishwasher-safe. Moreover, all of its accessories and storage units are microwave-friendly, too, making the ninja blender a complete kitchen tool.

5.   Great Capacity Along with Great Accessories

The main pitcher of a ninja blender is pretty large when it comes to general blenders. This gives it an extra advantage of being able to fit bigger foods, therefore reducing the time and effort required to chop them up in small pieces. Moreover, a high capacity also gives you the option of making large quantities of something at once.

A ninja blender also comes packed with a lot of great accessories, which can prove to be very useful. The storage lids you get allow you to store drinks, smoothies, soups, or even ingredients for later. There are a lot of additional accessories, which you can buy separately as well. This great range of accessories boosts the arsenal of recipes that a ninja blender can handle. When you add the fact that almost all these accessories are both microwave and dishwasher friendly, you get a solid unit.

6.   Easy on the Pocket

As you read all the points listed above, it is easy to assume that a ninja blender may very well be an expensive tool. Well, it is not. Ninja blenders are some of the best-priced models in the market and are marked very low when compared to their direct competitors. While some may find the price to still be higher than their budget, if you factor in the quality of the blender, it makes sense.

7.   One-time Investment

As we said earlier, blenders are supposed to be long-lasting. Ninja blenders, with their strong built and easy to use and clean design, are some of the best blenders in the market. They are built to last.

Conclusion: Blenders can be used for a variety of purposes, both traditional and unique. A good blender is like a good friend who can help you in various situations. When you buy a blender, you should be sure to make a good investment once. And if you want a blender that grows old with you but remains the same, ninja blenders are the way to go.

Author’s Bio: Richard Browny is an extremely positive man, who takes great pride in his homemaking skills. He wants the entire world to have a great home, therefore he writes articles on home improvement. Feel free to read our other articles.