Top 5 Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India 2022

Vacuum Cleaner

Indeed, no one loves to clean their homes. Thanks to a vacuum cleaner that helps make things elementary for people to clean their homes effectively. 

Finding the appropriate vacuum cleaner option is challenging since there are impressive and plenty of options in the market. 

Considering the features and specifications of the vacuum is paramount before buying the vacuum cleaner since it ensures that it works effectively for your house. 

Here is the list of the five top vacuum cleaners brands that give you extraordinary features with perfect cleaning.

  • Philips FC9352/01 Bagless Dry Vacuum Cleaner 

This product is fabulous and ensures good cleaning regardless of the floor’s surface. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner’s performance is excellent due to the power. The power of the vacuum cleaner is mind-blowing, i.e., 1900 W. 

This is high, making it very easy to clean the stubborn rugs and sofas to make the house look tidy. In addition, it is an incredible option for removing the microscopic particles since the suction power is strong enough to eliminate the dust particles effortlessly.

Warranty – One year

Capacity – 1.5 L

  • Dyson Cyclone V10  

This vacuum cleaner is a stylish and practical option. If you want a sturdy vacuum, this option is incredible for you. It is a product that runs on without the help of a court. The perspective of this feature is it makes things effortless to use for cleaning the house. 

It works for approximately 60 minutes that is quite enough to clean the entire house. The vacuum’s design is unique and can be used for handheld mode. However, it is suitable for apartments and tiny houses that are a space-friendly option.

Warranty – One year

Capacity – 0.54 L

  • Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 

This product is worth the money. Undoubtedly, it will fit the bill and give you exceptional facilities to clean your home correctly. In addition, the Eureka Forbes trendy zip dryer vacuum has an incredible motor that works on 1000 W more than the other options. 

In addition, it comes up with plenty of attachments that includes flour/carpet brush, multipurpose brush, and crevice nozzle. It is a portable vacuum that is intelligent because of its working. This vacuum’s automatic system has the perspective to protect customers and a product from overheating.

Warranty – One year

Capacity – 1 L

  • KARCHER WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum option Has a dual function. It works significantly for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. The flexibility of this appliance is pretty good that used for dry areas and wet areas as well. 

The notable feature of the vacuum is the blower function responsible for cleaning the parts that are hard to reach, such as corners. The capacity is relatively high at 17 L and makes it easy for a person to clean their house correctly without being in trouble. Its superior performance is because of the powerful suction responsible for cleaning the house properly.

Warranty – One year

Capacity – 17 L

  • INALSA Micro WD10 WET and Dry Vacuum

This appliance is flexible; the tile and affordable option have dual functions. It works for the dry areas and wet areas simultaneously. So it becomes a suitable choice for every person to clean the smooth surfaces. 

The unique feature is the blower function since it adds versatility to the product, making it easy to clean the problematic areas. In addition, the nozzle available on the appliance is a suitable attachment for cleaning the corners that makes a choice appropriate.

Warranty – One year

Capacity – 10 L

Final Verdict

There are impressive functions of vacuum cleaner that becomes a piece of cake for customers to clean their house and make it tidy. But, unfortunately, a few of the excellent options are mentioned above.