Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Explainer Videos for Social Media

Social Media

Animated explainer videos are used by businesses of every large and small-scale to explain their products or services. According to sources, 93% of businesses have experienced enhancing user understanding through explainer videos and approx. 72% have seen an increment in their conversion rate on the website. An explainer video used in the right way can deliver a powerful message to its targeted audience, but many people fail to use the right techniques for optimizing their explainer videos on social media. 


Here are the top 5 tips which can help you make your explainer videos better for social media. 


1- Video Length Matters – The Shorter, the Better.

An explainer video is delivering a message to your audience about what products or services your company is offering. It is known as a faster way to grab the audience on a large scale. When planning an explainer video for social media, think like a user. Would you personally prefer to watch a video that is longer than two minutes? Making a long video would let your social media user lose interest and move on. Focus on making short videos which are providing exciting and lucrative video content in the first five seconds to gain your audience’s attention. If the video is long in length by chance, narrow it down and show important parts of the video. Many professional social media video animation services focus on delivering an explainer video within 90 seconds, and it is proven that it catches more audience than a video of two minutes.


2- Add Clear and Concise Information. 

The purpose of an explainer video is not to provide every single detail about what the business is selling or offering. It is vital to add only the important details about the company. Avoid long-sentences and inappropriate details which may distract the actual aim of the explainer video. The user can always find the remaining information on the company website. An explainer video targets customer attention and makes them curious to check out more about the company on their website. Social media is a platform where instant information can be delivered. Therefore, keep the details focused. Once you gather all the right details in your explainer video. It delivers a strong message to your audience. 


3- Write an attention-grabbing title.

The title of an explainer video should grab customer attention in the first look. For example, if your title is “The product XYZ is on sale“, it is unlikely to get attention from your customers, but if the title is something like “Shop now or cry later” then it would make your customer curious to know about the product. The title should explain the purpose of the video and contain relevant information. Plan an attractive title with interesting, exciting, and a little pinch of weirdness to let your audience focus. 


4- Design an attractive thumbnail.

The old saying is “The first impression is lasting” however, this time it is essential for an explainer video to stand out from the rest. Thumbnail is the first thing a consumer will see, and if it is interesting, then the video will be played. Many brands focus on creating interesting and engaging thumbnails that make the user click on the video to see what it is about. When designing your thumbnail, remember many brands are opting for the same technique. Therefore your thumbnail should be unique and different.  


5- Prioritize High-Quality Video.

Social media users are habitual to watching high-quality videos. Plan your video in high-quality as it will show a positive impression on the users and tells them that a lot of money and hard work have been invested in the explainer video. It is also enjoyable and more fun to watch as the graphics and text are clear and gets the concentration of a user easily rather than a low-quality video.



With these top 5 techniques, it can be ensured that an explainer video will perform well on social media. If you are planning an explainer video for your business, then these tips can help to save your money and time for developing a worth full explainer video.