Top 5 E-Learning Trends in 2019

Top 5 E-Learning Trends in 2019

With the changing times, modern technological devices are gradually becoming a crucial part of our everyday life. There is no doubt that these emerging technologies has completely changed the wway we live, work, play and learn. When it comes to modernizing education system for our students, there are many advancements taking place to bring transformation and make learning easier for them.

As the educational institutions are beginning to implement various technologies into their systems, they are realizing that there is a gradual increase in productivity and efficiency in learning mechanism as well as students’ skillset. One of the core aspects of modern teaching methods is the use of e-learning tools that has completely refined learning process and made institutions perform more efficiently. Although professional essay writing services UK have  discuses a lot about new technologies to enhance education, this article will highlight top 5 e-learning trends in 2019. Let us take a look at them

1.    Micro learning

Are you looking for some innovative and objective-based learning for your organization? Do you think that learning in small chunks would be helpful for learners out there? Well, microlearning is all about that. It has been a trending e-learning tool last year and will continue to be a strong tool in 2019 too. Having being implemented as small quizzes, videos or infographics, microlearning can make use of any device to get functional. It has been observed, and even UK essay writers online have shared their thoughts, that learning through small chunks rather than hour-long modules helps in better memorization of the lesson.

2.     Artificial Intelligence

With the help of artificial intelligence, learner behavior can be determined hence helping in personalization of learning materials. With robots being used as the guiders in organizations to communicate and demonstrate the courses, leaner find it innovative and interesting method of gain knowledge. Considering the example of intelligent chatbox which provide technical support in an efficient way through its automated programming.

3.     Adaptive Learning

As the name says, adaptive learning enhances the learning process by ensuring that the  learners get to see the content that is personalized for them only. With the help of confidence-based effective assessments and powerful analytics, this learning experience will take education up to next level.

4.     Video-based Learning

Since videos are becoming an extremely helpful tool to augment learning processes in an organization or institution, people are finding it as interesting source to acquire extensive knowledge with the help of visuals, animations and graphics.

Most of the organizations have started including couple of inspirational or topic-related videos in their trainings so as to engage their target audience and help them to relate with the topic. If you ever look for essay writing help online you will find some good services that will focus on e-learning or specifically video based learning trends.

5.     Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become a “buzz” word in the field of e-learning since it has been successful in implementing various learning content. The VR experience is enhanced with the emergence of 360-degree pictures, interactive tools and even cognitive learning products to meet special children needs. Organizations take help of VR to communicate safety-related procedures to their employee as they feel that customer will learn in a better and speedy way if they get to experience practical implementations.

These were the top 5 2019 e-learning trends and in case you want to add any of yours, we would love to hear from you.