Ton Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Italy wedding planner

1. You get to rejoice one of the most important days of your life encircled by people who adore you. Of the nearly 100 couples that were interviewed for various reasons, most were of the view that the best things about having small weddings in Italy are that it fits your budget and style.

2. You can feel more comfortable on your wedding day. This is because you’ll be surrounded by family and friends, you’ll feel better at home with your guests.

3. You can cut down on the costs. You can save thousands of your hard-earned money by arranging an intimate wedding, which means that you won’t have a wedding budget that goes out of control.

4. You can binge. Some couples pick a small guest list not essentially since they have small, but because this gives them the liberty to pull out all the stops and have an entirely lavish wedding.

5. You have more choices while picking the venue. Since you don’t have a requirement for a large space to house your guests, many small weddings in Italy venues will be open to you.

6. Have more liberty in customizing your wedding according to your own tastes. A small wedding provides you with the opportunity to get your imaginative juices flowing and transform your unique wedding into a reflection of the two of you.

7. You have a chance to spend time with your guests. This is because most of the weddings we attend, make us feel like a stranger contributing to a social obligation? Small weddings don’t give that impression. When you have a small guest list, the groom and the bride can spend time with each of their guests, enabling them a more welcoming environment.

8. You can help your guests feel at home. Since you will be able to spend at best some time with the guests, they will feel better at home while at your wedding. Additionally, when the guest list is not exhaustive, guests will have a greater opportunity to socialize with most of the people at the wedding. The chances are that many of your guests will know each other long after the event is over.