Tips to Hire Quality Movers in Virginia

Moving Companies in Virginia

Had anyone told you that you hire a mover in Virginia is the most daunting task in the entire moving process? You need to believe him because even Better Business Bureau surveys state the same. It is told that BBB receives over 7,700 complaints about movers every year and a major share among them is related to lose or damage to property.

Hence, when someone instructs you to hire a moving company in Virginia, you need to accept this. But how can you be sure about the moving company’s reliability? Are there some tricks to judge a mover?

Yes, there are a few.

And today, we are gonna discuss the same.

Where did you get the referral from?

The most important point in judging the reliability is your source. Your source needs to be trustworthy. Most often, you get the names of moving companies from your friends at the office. Or maybe a neighbor suggested the name. This can be helpful as nothing works better than mouth publicity. He might have the experience of working with the moving company and the feedback would be positive.

The referrals can also come from local real estate agents. These references can also help you in finding a reputable name.

The moving company found online

 These days, almost every moving company has an online presence and it is normal that you stumble upon a few lucrative moving company quotes and approach the company. It is fair to hire someone found online but you need to confirm how trustworthy the mover is.

How to find if a moving website is genuine or not?

The moving industry has several scams and you need to be very particular while hiring moving services online. You may see the moving labor quote as attractive but is it genuine?

Here, we suggest certain tips to confirm if the moving company is genuine or not.

  • The website needs to be easily navigated
  • The contact numbers provided are functioning
  • The locality of the company is decent
  • The moving company quotes seem realistic
  • The mover is open to negotiations
  • The moving company has not changed its names in the past
  • There is a customer feedback section on the website
  • The client feedbacks seem to be genuine

How good is the moving quote?

Never limit your options to just one moving company. Instead approach multiple movers and get maximum moving labor quotes. This will brighten your chances to negotiate. Also, ensure what’s included in the moving cost estimate and what’s not. If you like to add anything, is the company willing to tweak the quote and how much cost difference will it make? Consider every factor before you move ahead with the deal.

Is the moving company demanding advance payment? 

Always note the point that moving companies accept payment after the task is accomplished. No one will demand payment in advance. And if anyone demands advance payment; you should smell foul play and should move one to a new company.

Are they specialized to handle specialized goods?

This is highly crucial while you hire a mover. Your home will be having goods that require the utmost care while packing and moving. Confirm the mover is proficient to handle special items. A new moving company may lack the skill to do this and you should a moving company that’s been in operation for less than 5 years.

Some of the goods that require utmost care are:

  • Books
  • Glassware
  • Statutes and idols
  • Gift items
  • Music instruments
  • Aquariums with fish

To hire hiring a moving company is a challenge but proper homework and willingness to research a bit will help you find the right moving company. Ensure it meets all your demands and does not make any advance payment. Take the right step and move safely.