Tips for the Morocco Holidays in Ramadan

Tips for the Morocco Holidays in Ramadan

If you hear cannon sound, don’t panic, you are safe – They just signal the start and end of the fasting.

It is absolutely a good idea not to postpone your vacations in Morocco during the holy month of Ramadan. Moroccan People are so welcoming and you can enjoy the same tourist destinations with the same passion which you would have, to visit the country in other months of the year.

Morocco Holidays in Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month of an Islamic year. During this whole month, Muslims all over the world fast and don’t pass anything from their lips from sunrise to sunset. No water, No food. But people who are ill, Children, pregnant women or anyone have an excuse are exempted from fasting in Ramadan.

Should I fast?

Touring Morocco in Ramadan and you are a non-Muslim, simply have no reason to fast. Your next question would be that the shops and restaurants must remain closed during Ramadan, No. Shops and Markets remain open during the whole day and there is no specific reason for which the shops have to be closed. Another question must be about eating in public or in front of any of the Muslim friends,  just don’t worry, fasting doesn’t mean for Muslims to dictate others the way they do. People belong to the travel industry are much aware of this.

One thing you have to take care is not to eat in public, markets, and streets. Food can be provided in your Riad or inside a restaurant of your choice.

Ramadan In Morocco

Moroccan Daylife in Ramadan

There are two different scenarios, Daylife of Morocco during Ramadan is so dull and slow. On the other hand as soon as the last call to prayer sounds, the region gets a completely different face. Everything gets a life, Bazaars lightens up and you can experience the new overlook of the town.

Cultural and traditional authenticity would be your core centres of experiences. You will get to know how Muslims of Morocco have religious and cultural roots deepen down into their livelihoods.

You can visit a nearby Mosque on the time of Sunset prayer to witness the people coming to pray. It would be more exciting to set out for Djema el Fna (If in Marrakech) to see the celebration and delight in the night time.

Morocco in Nights during Ramadan

You will find a dead situation in the evening until late. People stay at their homes to calm and recharge themselves after the whole day fasting. In Marrakech you want to see the festivity, go for the top vibrant places to find the fun.

If in Agadir, Casablanca, you can party the whole night on beachside until the early hours in the morning.

What Moroccans cook in Ramadan

In Morocco, Iftar is called tour. Moroccans mostly break their fast with water and Dates, that’s what mostly the Muslims do though. Harira soup is an energy soup used in Morocco to satisfy hunger and restoring energy. That basically depends on the region also, as people make pastries, fried fish and various things in different regions of the country.

I personally liked the traditional sweets Moroccan people make especially for the events of Ramadan and Eid. Sellou. It is made from the roasted flour mixed with butter, honey, almonds, sesame and possibly other nuts and spices. Another sweet is chebekia. It is a pastry made of dough strips roll to look like a rose and deep fried until it changes its colors to golden, the last step to finalize the dish is to coat the fried roll in syrup made of honey and rosewater.

Tagine is often made during Ramadan when the members if the family or the community get together. There are many dishes Morocco makes traditionally especially during Ramadan.

If you planned to move to the other small stations, Keep your food packed and plenty of the water so that in any case, you will not face the difficulty.

And when the Smoker can’t smoke the whole day

Ramadan brings festivity, connectivity, and life to the religious traditions, on the other side of this, there is trouble it brings for Smokers. During the fast, some people can easily be irritated and indulged in fights, especially smokers. It is not so easy for smokers to stay away from smoking the whole fasting day. If you are privileged to smoke because you are nonmuslim, don’t smoke in the streets and the public places to escape from the real trouble. This ethically incorrect.

Add the football activity In your things to do list for Morocco.

The whole of Morocco is a football lover, it’s a common sport there. During Ramadan, you will find a daily tournament in every ground and street of Morocco, there is the only daytime activity Moroccans dies for. The competitions pass the good time, if in Morocco during Ramadan, you should explore the football culture in the streets of Morocco.

Enjoy! Ramadan is here to add up your joy during your Holidays in Morocco, It’s a wonderful time to experience.