Tips For Packing Your Shoes

Shoes can be costly and, as they go on and off the footwear store shelves so quickly, they can be tough to replace. Taking a little additional time to pack them will save all the hassle of having to replace shoes that were good in the first place. Here are a few things to know how to pack shoes if you are moving from one place to new.

  • Prepare your shoes for moving

Wrap your shoes with packing paper to avoid scuffing. If you have the real shoe box, wrap each shoe in a half piece of newsprint to save from scuffing or rubbing. Boots should be stuffed with newsprint to help preserve their shape while in transit.

  • Securing your shoes and boots into the box

You’ll want to crush the newspaper to cover the bottom of the shoe box. This will make a soft layer for your shoes. So, the box should not be placed down smoothly. Fill any remaining gaps between shoes with additional crushed newsprint for additional protection.

  • Don’t use plastic bags

Plastic bags could tear when you are shifting from your new home, your shoes will get all smushed up, and you will end up with a sad pile of shoes in the aftermath.

  • Last step for packing your footwear

Close the moving box and secure it with packing tape. You can label the box with a sticker on it. Write “SHOES” on the top of the box. This will help you know exactly what is in there and where it requires going once you arrive at your new destination.

Extra tips to note

  • Discard any shoes that you don’t wear before shifting
  • It is ideal to pack your hiking shoes and backpacking shoes in your backpack to save the space
  • Use tea bags to keep your shoes smelling fresh
  • Keep each pair of your shoe intact by tying their lace together.

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