Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment


Since you are planning to rent an apartment, you need to make sure you end up taking the right decision. For that, here’re a few things you need to know.

In a situation of economic crisis like the one people are going through, one of the most significant problems people are facing is access to a home. Buying an apartment on a property is increasingly complicated, due to the loss of purchasing power of citizens & the difficulty of getting a mortgage. Therefore, an alternative is rent. Thus, here’re ten practical tips to keep you from taking unpleasant surprises when renting a home. So let’s dive in;

Don’t be Too Confident

The real estate market is full of greed & lack of goodwill. Find out, know your rights and demand them. Don’t accept promises or trust those who tell you, check the information in official sources. It requires documents and leaves written evidence of any relevant fact (with all the photos & witnesses). Above all, don’t accept any proposal if it doesn’t benefit you. Keep in mind that you are the customer, and the customer is always right.

Who will be the Landlord?

Without thinking about people – the best or worst, it is worth going to the Property Registry to verify that the person who rents us the house is the owner. If that’s not the case, you can find out with what motive he intends to rent the apartment. Usually, it will be through a power of attorney, but not always, so it is preferable to avoid surprises.

Beware of Bank Guarantees

It is quite common for the landlord to ask for an endorsement that consists of having a quantity of money blocked in the bank that the landlord can claim as a guarantee that he will charge if you don’t pay him. This practice refers to the person who rents the house, not the bank itself. It is not advisable to accept it. It must be the first thing you should know before taking an interest in a home. In case it is non-negotiable, it is best to forget about the house, as the landlord is proving unreasonable.

How about the Income Tax Deductions?

Many communities accept that their tenants deduct a percentage of the total paid as rental in the income statement. In any case, it is advisable to find out if this can be your case in the Housing Institute of your Autonomous Community.

Possible Subsidies

The State Housing Plan 2009/12 contemplates grants of up to 40% of the rental price. To access these subsidies, tenants must be under 35-years of age, not own a home and their income must not exceed 2.5 times the Public Indicator of Income of Multiple Effects (IPREM), according to data from 2011.


It is advisable to be registered in the municipality where the house is rented, as this gives us the right to healthcare, in addition to primary schooling for children. Likewise, it is usually an indispensable condition when dealing with several administrative procedures.

Before signing the contract

It is advisable to check that the general installation of the house (water, electricity, etc.) is in perfect condition, in addition to verifying that the inventory that appears in the contract is accurate. Once everything is in order after seeing all the apartments for rent in al Barsha, just sign the lease agreement.

After signing the Contract

Upon entering the house, before starting the move, it is convenient to begin a thorough review of everything and to record any deficiency, however small. It is true that this should have been done a priori, but it never hurts a second check-up.

Fulfilling like Tenant

If the landlord must fulfil his obligations like the owner of the house, you also must confront with solvency the acquired responsibilities. Pay monthly instalments on time, do not make excessive requests; and in short, be happy living in your new home. This is the only and the best way to live in your rental apartment happily without getting stuck in any sort of troubles or perhaps in conformation with the landlord.