10 Best Things to do on Bangkok Pattaya Holidays


Bangkok and Pattaya are the two most beautiful cities in Thailand which are known for their unique culture, amazing beaches, enthralling nightlife and much more. No matter what type of travelers you are these two are perfect for each type of traveler either you are planning a honeymoon, a family trip, a solo trip, or traveling with friends. So if you are also planning a Bangkok Pattaya Tour for the first time then we have listed some of the best things that you should not miss to do on your Bangkok Pattaya Holidays.
Things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok is a southeast Asian city that offers something amusing for everyone. Sometimes referred to as the Big Mango, Bangkok is an important international hub and the home of over 12 million residents. So here are some of the best things to do in Bangkok during your Bangkok Pattaya Tours.

1. Grand Palacebangkok grand palace, one of the best things to do on Bangkok Pattaya tour

It is said that your Bangkok Pattaya tour will be incomplete without seeing or visiting this Grand Palace in Bangkok. It’s the stunning an awesome sight known as the most popular milestones in the core of Bangkok. The castle was a previous inhabitant for King Rama one to King Rama V. Today, the royal residence is utilized for facilitating imperial functions and respecting the King’s visitors. So take a visit to these amazing fort and take yourself into the past history of Bangkok.

2. Wat Phovisit wat pho bangkok

Wat Pho is a sanctuary of the leaning back Buddha and a required visit locate for any first time guest in Bangkok. It’s one of the biggest sanctuary edifices in the city and popularity for a mammoth leaning back Buddha that estimates 46 meters in length and it’s shrouded in gold leaf. It’s an easy 10-minute walk from the Grand Palace and this is also a great place to get a traditional Thai Massage that you should never miss out on your Bangkok Pattaya Holidays.

3. Street Food Experiences

bangkok street food, another best things to do on Bangkok Pattaya tour

Street food in Bangkok provides conveniently delicious and cheap meals and it’s one of the purest ways to get in touch with the local culture of Bangkok. Any place you go in the city, sustenance slows down are abundant and you will locate a high centralization of them in occupied territories. Some roadside sellers work in gatherings which means you can go to a similar spot each night and have an alternate selection of dinners.

4. Visit MBK Mall

visit mbk mall bangkok

MBK Center is probably Bangkok’s most legendary shopping mall popular among both international and local tourists. Remains busy with shoppers every day, there are 8 floors in the mall-packed with 2000 shops that sell everything. MBK mall is especially simple to reach by an immediate walkway connecting to national BTS sky train station like each shopping complex in Bangkok. There are a lot of choices when you get eager. there are two food courts one local at six floors and one international Fifth 5th floor
with lots of amazing choices.

5. Enjoy Shopping at Siam Paragon

siam paragon bangkok

Siam Paragon is the classy fancy face of shopping in Bangkok. If your pocket is full and you want to enjoy fancy shopping then Siam Paragon is the perfect place for you. This mall contains over 250 shops with famous brands from all over the world. Bring your credit card though as this kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap. This mall also contains a food court called “The Food Republic” in which you can find the local Thai and international cuisine.
Things to do in Pattaya

Situated on the east coast of Thailand, Pattaya is a spot that has delightful sanctuaries, dazzling shorelines, thus numerous activities to engage in, making it an incredible spot for unforgettable Bangkok Pattaya Holidays. No matter whether you love shopping, culture, history, entertainment, dining or the bar scene, Pattaya has something for every avid traveler. Here are some interesting things that you must do here in your Bangkok Pattaya Holidays.

6. Visit Sanctuary of Truth

sanctuary of truth pattaya

The Sanctuary of Truth is situated in the Naklua zone of Pattaya, a little way away on a staggering bit of coastline with an incredible view. Assembled altogether of wood, the detail and craftsmanship that has gone into the sanctuary are essentially amazing. Luxurious carvings and models depend on conventional Buddhist and Hindu images, and the high pinnacle of the structure arrives at an amazing 105 meters.

7. Enjoy Kaan Show Pattaya

Kaan is a famous Thai literature and folklore show. The story tells of Kaan the Thai youngster who finds himself transported to a mystical realm inhabited by dragons and fantastical beings. Amazing cinematic live-action combined with extraordinary theatrical choreography and stunning costumes, bring this epic tale to life. During their Bangkok Pattaya Holidays, visitors can enjoy high-flying acrobatics and trapeze acts, firebreathers, pyrotechnics, and much more at the captivating multimedia spectacle.

8. Coral Island

Coral Island, Pattaya

Also called Ko Lan Island, Coral Island is arranged located 7.5 kilometers off the bank of Pattaya. This is a spot that you could cheerfully go through a day, unwinding on the shoreline, swimming free waters or appreciating all the fun water-based exercises that are accessible. There’s a choice of various shorelines to look over and a curious little town with neighborhood eateries and shops. Getting to Coral Island is simple and modest from Pattaya and ships leave and return routinely for the duration of the day.

9. Visit The Big Buddha Statue

big buddha pattaya

The Big Buddha temple is one of Pattaya’s most striking tourist spots. Found only south of Pattaya, the colossal brilliant shaded statue is 18 meters high and was developed in 1977. The Buddha sits at the highest point of a fantastic arrangement of shallow advances and is the point of convergence of the little sanctuary arranged on the highest point of the slope. The area gives the absolute best sees in Pattaya, with a display over for all intents and purposes the whole city and the picturesque bow formed straight.

10. Visit Ramayana Water Park

ramayana water park pattaya, another best thing to do on bangkok pattaya holidays

Chill at Ramayana Water Park, one of the greatest water stops in Thailand. It’s an incredible diversion for the entire family with more than 50 attractions, under the vigilant gazes of the profoundly prepared workforce and lifeguards, both in the water and ashore. Ride the waves as soon as possible Wave Pool, make an effort not to stress about the Lazy River, take a stab at volleyball in the Activity Pool and shop at the Floating Market or wind out of the Green Maze.

So this is our list of the 10 best things to enjoy during your Bangkok Pattaya Tours. If you ever been to Bangkok and Pattaya and enjoyed some of these things then share your experience with us in the comment section below.