The Key Medical Areas Where AI Will Mainly Impact in 2019


AI is significantly growing at much faster rate than expected and brining the feasible AND automated results into various vital fields. Healthcare and medical care are one of the key areas where AI will impact most in 2019 and upcoming years.

Though, the doctors are likely to get maximum benefit from AI development in healthcare and medical industry. So, we bring here the six key areas in the medical field where AI will have maximum impact and provide better medication facilities to the customers.

machine learning healthcare

Disease Diagnosis and Medication Analysis

The AI is going to play the crucial role in diagnosing the disease with its severity and also provide the insights what kind of pain a patient is experiencing and why such symptoms are occurring helping the doctors to provide the most effective treatment to such patients. Cancer and cardiovascular problems are the two examples where AI is working effectively.

Using Computer Algorithms to Solve Complex Equations

AI-enabled models can be used in conjunction with right computer algorithms for solving the complex equations and blood flow or evaluate the impact of blockages providing physicians precise information of blood flow and its reach to the heart and other organs body parts. It also helps physicians to understand the severity of disease and facilitate the best care.

More Precise Detection of Tumors through Medical Imaging

AI-supported tools and applications can map out the any part of body organ using the 3D model to detect the tumors and other similar symptoms in the patients. Such models will help physicians become more equipped with advance diagnosis system and rely on cancer or tumor diagnosis by AI-enabled medical imaging systems. Medical image annotation is the process used in AI development to detect such fatal disease with accuracy.

Keep Monitoring the Chronic Diseases and Health Conditions

Newly AI-enabled healthcare monitoring devices like smart watch, fitness bands and fitness tracker gadgets are becoming more useful and productive in monitoring the patient’s health after admitting into the hospitals or at their residence.

Such devices are also helpful in collecting the medical data from the customers that is used to analyze and predict if any kind of further healthcare issues likely to occur. Such information is also useful in machine learning healthcare data to train the machines working on developing the AI-based models and business applications for healthcare sector.

Medical image annotation

Enhance the Efficiency and Workflow of Doctors for Patient Care

In upcoming years automation of various process in healthcare and medical fields help to enhance the workflow and efficiency of the doctors and medical attendants involved in providing the medical care and treatment facilities to patients.

Further, AI-enabled technologies in medical fields giving the precise details will also enhance the confidence of doctors and recommend developers to integrate such technologies in other sub-fields and make the patient care and decision making process faster with more accuracy.

AI-enabled diagnosis process can be improved with more accurate Medical image annotation data to train the machines to recognize the ailments in the medical imaging like Ultrasound Images, CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray and other images used to diagnosis the various types of diseases. Cogito is one of the well-known company providing machine learning training data sets for healthcare along with image annotation and data labeling service with highest accuracy.