The Difference Between Leadership And Management

Management and leadership are often misunderstood as the same thing but are actually very different. Is management good and leadership bad? Neither, both are significant, of course. The difference between leadership and management is that leaders are followed by individuals, while managers employ people for them. Leadership is an influential attribute to help people accomplish their goals freely and with excitement. It is not necessarily the same as management, because leadership is one of the key management components. Management methodology is the best way to manage things. It is the craft or desire to get the work done with other men. This can be seen in all fields such as education, culture, leisure, workplaces, etc.

Management and leadership should serve together. It is not the same thing but necessarily associated and synergistic. To succeed, any business needs management that can plan, organize and coordinate its employees and inspire and motivate them to do best. The difference between leadership and management is Leadership is about motivating & inspiring while management is about planning & execution. The major difference between leadership and management are as followed:

  1. Leadership involves the trust of his followers. Contrary to management, the management needs authority over its staff.
  2. Leadership needs leader foresight, but management has a limited vision.
  3. Change is brought about by leadership. Management, on the other hand, provides consistency.
  4. Leadership is the ability to influence others, whereas management is governance.
  5. Leadership is based on laws and rules while methods and procedures are applied in management.

For an organization to be effective, no one who is the in-charge of a team needs to be both a leader and a manager. A lot of people are both managing people while knowing you can’t hire people to follow you along the challenging path. The challenge is to ensure that both you lead your team and manage your daily work. Those who can do these two things build a competitive edge.

Leadership and management are essentially indivisible, and leadership is established if it is managed. To inspire his subordinates, manager must have leadership qualities and skills. Managers also often play a leadership role at the request of the enterprise. These, therefore, go hand in hand as a supplement. For development and sustainability, an organization needs these. At XEd learning solutions, we offer excellent leadership development education through a fantastic experience of providing 4320 senior leaders with more than 2400 days of individual custom programs. Visit XEd Management Institute to learn more.