The challenge of taking advantage of the Nintendo 3DS screen


One scanned by the titles of the brand new console of the Japanese firm reveals striking three-dimensional effects, which do not always change the experience of use that is in 2D games

When Nintendo announced last year that it had created a technology to appreciate 3D images without using special glasses, it generated a strong enthusiasm, and its 3DS portable console meets expectations by creating a convincing three-dimensional illusion on its screen. 3.5 inches.

The most amazing demonstration, which is installed on the $ 250 device, is AR Oyunlar or AR Games (AR stands for Augmented Reality).

The user places a letter on the virtual table and when he points the 3DS cameras at it, a dragon emerges from the surface. To shoot the dragon, you have to move around the card to find different angles. You can also take three-dimensional photos and add various effects or you can incorporate the images of friends in Face Raiders, a game that transforms them into a fleet of helicopters.

Nintendo has 18 titles that will accompany the launch of the 3DS, but almost all are derived from well-known franchises, such as Pilotwings Resort and Nintendogs + Cats.

The three-dimensional effect gives an extra to sports games such as Madden NFL Football, by EA Sports, and Ridge Racer 3D, by Namco Bandai, but feels superfluous in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, by Capcom, because its three-dimensional angles tend to obstruct the view

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, by LucasArts, offers some striking three-dimensional effects: The enemies melt into Lego pieces that seem to go off the screen, but they play almost the same as the two-dimensional version.

So, if the games are almost equal in two dimensions, what is the third dimension? The titles that will accompany the launch of the 3DS do not answer that question, but without a doubt the developers seek to create games that better integrate the third dimension.

Beyond the third dimension, the 3DS has new features that will fascinate the traditional Nintendo portable console players.

The most appreciated change is the circular control that complements the traditional control in the form of a cross. The 3DS also adds a motion sensor so that the device can be tilted to control the action in games like Super Monkey Ball 3D.

It is barely thicker and heavier than the DSi. The bad thing is that if you use the screen with the maximum brightness, the battery only performs about three hours per charge.

Before the launch, it was not possible to test the wireless capabilities of the 3DS, such as Spot Pass, which, according to Nintendo, will automatically detect wireless networks and other 3DS to download and exchange information.

The dominance of Nintendo in the field of portable consoles is being threatened by the growing presence of multipurpose phones, especially by the Apple iPhone. Although more than three-dimensional technology may be needed to keep the competition at bay, the 3DS demonstrates that Nintendo will not give up the market without fighting.