Steroid Therapy- Medical Purpose and Side effects

Steroid Therapy- Medical Purpose and Side effects

Steroid therapy involves the use of corticosteroids or other steroid medications. Many of the auto immune disorders are treated by the use of these steroid medications like lupus, asthma, myasthenia gravis and multiple sclerosis and other disorders. There are many medications under steroid medication that are generally prescribed to be taken either orally or by inhalation. Oxanabol British Dragon is one such anabolic steroid that is taken orally.

Steroids that are taken by inhalation generally soothe the airways and gives you relief. These steroid medications are essential to treat many diseases and conditions. It is very important to take the advice of a physician if you decide to go for steroid therapy and if you have any doubts regarding these steroids you can look for other medical options. These steroids can be use to improve the muscle mass and is used by many athletes, it also stimulates appetite. These steroid medications generally affect the bone metabolism. Use of steroid therapy may lead to broken bones, osteoporosis and severe bone loss. Rapid bone loss may occur on usage of high doses of these medications. People who are taking these medications will probably have a spine fracture. Risk of this fracture increases with increase in the doses of these steroids. Steroid medication may lead to fracture in ribs and spine.

Side Effects of Steroid Therapy:

Inhaled steroids may retard the growth of children on prolonged use. These steroids may also reduce the bone formation in adults. Body will stop producing the natural steroids when a person takes synthetic steroids in higher doses. As a result of this body will be susceptible to infection. Diseases like chicken pox and measles may cause more serious effects in children taking steroids. When large doses of steroids are taken, the adrenal glands fail to release sufficient amount of steroids in cases of emergency. If a person stops steroids medication, carrying a steroid warning card is important. Cushing syndrome may be caused by taking high doses of steroids. Symptoms of this Cushing syndrome are fat abdomen, buffalo hump on the back, red face, high blood pressure and also muscle weakness. Some people may also gain weight. Acne is the common side effect associated with steroids. Women may develop hair on their face. Inhaled steroids may result in oral thrush and make you hoarse. Thrush can be prevented by eating yoghurt. You need to monitor the steroid therapy as they have side effects.