Summer Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Summer Tyres vs Winter Tyres
Summer Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Here is what you need to know about Summer tyres

Summer tyres provide exceptional levels of grip and handling in a variety of road conditions, including dry as well as muddy pavement. They have one-of-a-kind tread designs and unique use of strong rubber compositions. Summer Tyres Fareham provide simply amazing functionality. In particular, this is the case when the climate changes over 7 degrees Celsius.

What are the advantages of switching to summer tyres?

The structure of tyres in use during the summer is quite distinct from that of those used during other seasons and the winter. Because of this, they can provide enhanced drivability and increased driving steadiness on summer roadways.

Before you go out and get summer tyres, make sure you have a look at the several vital data concerning summer tyres that we have included below.

  1. The rubber compositions used in the construction of summer tyres tend to be of a tougher kind. They contain a lower percentage of genuine rubber, which helps them to adjust to greater conditions. This not only delivers superior toughness but also greater longevity. It lessens the amount of tread degradation that by the greater contact that occurs on hot tarmacs.
  2. In addition, summer tyres have tread patterns and channels that are shallower than their winter counterparts. The summer vehicle tyres benefit from this since the road interface surface is better.
  3. On dry and warm slippery roads, it guarantees superior control and traction. In addition, a summer tyre has tread bars that are suitable for the season. It is beneficial in lowering the likelihood of aquaplaning. Therefore, they provide higher traction on routes that are moist throughout the Tyres Fareham.

Two of the most popular summer tyres that we offer.


Dunlop’s summer tyre has superior lateral strength, which helps the tyre maintain its stability even when you drive at incredible velocities. Because the load is fairly over the tyre surface, the steering accuracy and stability significantly improve. In addition, the circular design of this unit can give great handling even while driving at breakneck speeds.


Bridgestone’s Potenza RE 71R is a standout among other summer tyres in its category. It provides the highest possible level of braking strength on either dry as well as wet pavements. This tyre has a robust centre rib that provides a responsive and nimble steering feel. This device guarantees effective turning accuracy because of its cutting-edge technology. In addition, the hydro drainage pavement intends to provide effective water drainage as well as better traction on wet roadways.

Winter Tyres

On roadways that are cold or slippery, vehicle users really must get winter tyres for their vehicles if they want to have the best possible driving dynamics and control of their vehicles. The construction materials and tread patterns of winter tyres are the results of technological advancements in recent years. These tyres provide effective grip and a fair efficiency on icy roads. Particularly when it drops to a level lower than 7 degrees Celsius.

More information about winter tyres

We strongly suggest that you educate yourself on the basic structure as well as the tread design that is in use for the production of winter tyres. We will cover some of the most important aspects of winter tyres in the following discussion. Take a peek.

The winter units have a gentler rubber composition. In contrast to their summer counterparts, winter tyres have a higher proportion of pure rubber. Because of this, they can maintain their pliability and softness even though the temperature is very low. In addition to this, in contrast to summer or all-season tyres, winter tyres have a noticeably deeper tread thickness. Because of this, it is possible to effectively expel slush, moisture, as well as ice, which results in enhanced resilience to aquaplaning.

To get optimal traction on ice as well as snowfall, winter tyres include wider grooves and an increasing amount of sipes. Your car’s ability to turn corners and brake more precisely is better as a result of this.


Our winter tyre portfolio, including our best-selling options


Dunlop’s WINTER SPORT 5 is the company’s premier winter tyre model. On icy snowy roads, the cutting-edge design of the central ribs provides exceptional lateral traction. Additionally, the tread pattern of the tyre includes deeper channels that effectively channel away water and snow. In addition to that, it enhances the potential of resisting hydroplaning. In addition, this system has a greater amount of units, which improves the surface connection and provides an uncompromising grip on slippery roads.


This Bridgestone winter tyre unit is among the company’s most advanced models. The construction of Tyres Fareham include bigger tread blocks, which results in an increased road surface area. In addition to this, it provides exceptional flexibility. The greater snow grip provided by the proprietary MULTICELL Technology enables the MULTICELL Technology to maintain stability and balance even on icy and slick surfaces. In addition, the block corners of this tyre are superior, which contributes to the excellent vehicle performance it offers.