Steps for Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Steps for Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Dubai allows business people from all over the world to manufacture, distribute, import, and export goods. However, to maintain the quality of products imported from Dubai, the government made it compulsory to register all products. Therefore, it is essential to note the product before launching them in the Dubai market. 

There is a stringent law to regulate all manufactured and imported goods. The product registration ensures the safety of consumers and stops the import of any fake product, which may hamper the safety and health of an individual. 

What is Product Registration?

In Dubai, the necessity for product registration is to simplify import, production, and promotion of all items. Therefore, UAE authorities make it compulsory for every product, be it cosmetics, food, or health products, to register itself with the Municipality of the respective emirates in compliance with its regulations. 

The registration of the goods in Dubai, UAE, allows the government to examine whether producers or importers meet consumer safety criteria. The Product registration process is the same for all UAE Emirates.

The Municipality of Dubai carries out random tests and product quality checks to guarantee that consumer safety is considered. In addition, Dubai Municipality issues a Product Certificate, which may be sought during the authorities’ clearance, for products registered with the authority.

Why is Product Registration Important in Dubai, UAE?

First, it is essential to understand why Dubai requires product registration. The principal reason is that it limits the domestic trafficking of fraudulent and dangerous items, ensuring customer safety. 

All items must thus be registered with the Dubai Municipality and can be sold only when permitted. The registration of your goods in Dubai gives you access to the whole GCC market.

Process of Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Businesses must register their items with the same emirate’s Municipality from where they got the commercial license. For example: if the company’s commercial license is obtained in the Dubai Emirate, register its items with the Municipality of Dubai. The company can then distribute its products in all the UAE emirates following the Dubai Municipality registration.

Step 1

Issue a Valid Trade License

Issue a valid trade license before applying for product registration in Dubai. It is a prerequisite for a business to get a trade license before registering a product. Product registration is essential for companies operating in mainland and accessible zones. Therefore issue a valid trade license before starting the product registration process.

Step 2

Register the Product With Dubai Municipality

After having ensured that you have a valid license, you must register your product with the Municipality. To begin the procedure, companies must apply for a Product Registration Service to pay the registration cost. For every product, the firm representative must complete the form. In addition, register a copy of the valid label evaluation of the product provided by the representative. If you are doing business in Dubai, you also can register online through the official website. 

Step 3

Complete the Registration Process

The Municipality of Dubai will examine the application and validity of supplied papers after submitting the corresponding paperwork. If the Municipality is sure that the goods comply with its requirements, it will register the product and create a certificate. The product registration is valid for five years. 

Step 4

Submit The Documents

The Municipality of Dubai will examine the application and validity of supplied papers after submitting the corresponding paperwork. If the Municipality makes sure that the goods comply with its requirements, it will register the product. The applicant should react with supporting documentation in the event of any objections.

Step 5

Apply for Label Assessment

Once the business starts, a product sample, and the product label, also referred to as artworks, should be given to the Municipality of Dubai. The product label should comply with the Dubai municipality regulations. 


The fundamental purpose of product registration is to guarantee the safety of consumers. Therefore, the CPSS (Consumer Product Safety Section) product registration procedure is established on propositions appropriate to examine the safety of food, herbal and cosmetic goods.

It is obligatory to register in line with the Dubai Municipality Regulations any items made, marketed, advertised, or distributed in Dubai. The Government of Dubai standardizes the manufacture, distribution, and trade of items by mandating their registration before they are placed on the market and regulating companies to acquire a valid production license connected to their company in Dubai.