Step-by-guide to follow to make Influence Marketing successful


It is the trend of everything being done online. The children are also taking their classes online. People spend hours watching YouTube where many of the bloggers post their reviews, play games, unbox products, and do their daily routine activities. The attractive and entertaining content posted by the YouTubers like by the top 10 tech youtubers in India has a great fan following. This level of popularity has instigated the big brand companies to use them as a marketing tool to bring an effective marketing strategy through influence marketing. Some of the bloggers are paid to create social media posts to get them posted on the YouTube page.

Influence Marketing steps to make it a success- To make the ball keep rolling in the court, it is very important for companies to follow particular steps to implement the influence marketing strategy in the market. 

  • Know about the target audience- Every promotional campaign is said to be successful when the message reaches the target audience. Therefore, to find the potential customers a thorough survey regarding the social media channels and the type of influencers people like must be noted down. Who is the audience, their age, likings, interest in exploring social media and another behavior pattern should be the focus points? Many big brands take assistance from the Influence marketing service companies to get the exact survey results and act accordingly.
  • Set the KPI’s- The task of any brand is to have clear objectives in mind with which the key performance indicators are planned in advance. These KPIs help to understand whether the goals in different fields were achieved or not. For example- total engagement on the website, search interest, traffic, and clicks on the website, etc. all essential to get the best results of influence marketing.
  • Look for the right channel- Many marketers take this on a serious note that the social media platform can be either valuable or invaluable for the barding of products.  It is seen through research that 89% of brands stick to promotions on Instagram as it has many followers. Similarly, to look for technical content, top tech YouTubers in India have a major role to play. Picking the right channel means looking for audience interest, opportunities provided by each channel, and business goals. 
  • Don’t forget about the budget- The total campaign of influence marketing relies upon the budget. For example- getting an advertisement published on a page with 1 million followers will charge hefty amounts. For brands with smaller budgets, things must be planned as per value for money received on different social media channels. 
  • Choose the appropriate influencer- The entire homework done by the company in KPIs, knowing the target audience, etc. all goes in vain if a flop influencer is hired. Look for an opinion leader that shares brand value. Don’t get into the trap of fake or wrong followers. Keep a track of the influencer updates and check their profile thoroughly. 
  • Publish the campaign- When all the things seem right and authentic, the campaign is ready to be published. The companies must sign a proper contract with the influencer clarifying his/her duties and terms and conditions of the contract. 

Influencer marketing will be successful if the above-discussed strategy is followed properly.