Step by step guide to apply for Oman Visa Change effectively

oman visa change

Are you planning to extend your stay in UAE? People tend to get their visa changed for a lot of reasons mainly to extend their stay, to transfer the work visa into residential visa, or for merely renewing it. In all cases, exiting UAE is important.

The best option to get your visa revamped is through going to Oman through bus or by air, it completely depends on you. Many people prefer Oman border to exit Dubai and get an exit stamped on their passport. Getting an Oman visa change is no rocket science and all you need are a few relevant documents for easily getting the visa changed. If you are confused about the process, following is a simple guide.

There are two basic ways of visa change through Oman:

  • By land
  • By air

Wondering why exactly do you need to exit the border necessarily? Well it is a basic requirement all across the world. Crossing borders has three main reasons attached to it

  • Getting a stamp of ‘exit’ on your passport.
  • Getting a stamp of ‘entry’ of different country on your passport.
  • Entering the previous country again with an exit and other country’s entry/exit stamp.

Now, you need to know that the entire process is as simple as it seem from the above mentioned details. All you have to take care of next are the documents and following is the list of important documents that will be required for the procedure.

  • A passport that is valid for 6 months more.
  • A proper passport-sized photograph with plain white background.
  • Visit visa for Oman
  • If you previously had residential or employment visa of UAE, then the cancellation papers.

Important things to keep in mind

If you want your visa change process to go pretty smoothly, following are the few things that you should keep in mind. It will help you get your UAE visa revamped without much hassle or any challenges.

  • If you are planning to get visa change by land, get your package booked two weeks prior to the actual travelling. The bus will take you to Oman and you can choose the return date accordingly as well. There is same day option as well and you will be back in UAE after 8 hours.
  • On the other hand, if you are planning for by air option, the airport visa change doesn’t require any prior booking. However, the better thing to do is to book at least a week prior as it will save you from urgent booking charges as well. Moreover, it is better to make no risks in this regard and get the seat booked early only.

Extending UAE visa is not a problem as long as you are perfectly aware of the procedure and have the documents. Mentioned above is the basic guide for Oman visa change option that is not only convenient but also reasonable as well. You can easily save a lot of time to through this option.