Know About The Spectrum Business Ventures Entrepreneur Amit Raizada

Spectrum Business Ventures

Amit Raizada is a well-known personality. He is the managing partner of Vision Venture Partners and was CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures. Also, he is a philanthropist. This inspiring man has the vast industry knowledge and offers strategic development for all the VVP platforms. Also, he provides the necessary advice on the growth potentials for the business ventures. His offices are located in both Los Angles and Miami. Many people like to read about Amit Raizada because he is one of the best names in his field. Here you can find all the details about the entrepreneur Amit Raizada and his key role in spectrum business ventures. 

Education and career 

Raizada completed his education at Michigan State University where he studied economics. He benefited from his education because he used the years to learn about the leadership role in investments. That is why he can reach the tech and wireless communication companies. Currently, he also has communications with various industries in the US and around the world. From 2016 he became the Board Advisor for VVP. So from real estate to medicine, he works in many fields. He is thorough in the complex workings of different industries. 

Know about the Spectrum business ventures 

Amit Raizada has huge experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Then only he started the Vision Venture Partners. In 2002 he established Spectrum Business Ventures where he held the title of chief executive officer. Further, he was able to make splendid portfolios of 80 working companies from various fields such as retail, esports, hospitality, finance, food, and more. 

In 2006 Raizada launched a real estate division in spectrum business ventures. He paid attention to renovation, acquisition, multi-family housing complexes, and more. Now the business is managing over 6,000 units in the country and is making billions through the clever work of Raizada and his team. 

Know about Vision Venture Partners 

Raizada started his entrepreneurial journey and partnered with Vision Venture Partners. He serves as an advisor to the board. His experience and skills are adding great value to the business. Importantly, he is helping with strategic development, research, growth, and more. Now the companies like Echo Fox are giving 30.25 million dollars because of Raizada’s intelligent advice.  

The CEO of Spectrum business ventures, Raizada has a good eye for building and growing companies. His mark never misses. That is why many businesses value his opinion. He knows the ins and outs of investment possibilities. Also because of his great risk mitigation, his investments are productive and most of the time successful.

Many people find the skills and abilities of Raizada admirable. He influences individuals towards successful ventures when others give up and fail. Therefore professional men like Raizada show others the advantage of acquiring knowledge of how every industry works. Therefore he has a versatile perception and knows how to act. 

Passion in Philanthropy 

Raizada is a devout philanthropist. He knows the importance of giving back to the community. One of his latest philanthropic endeavors is the Vision Global Foundation. Along with his family, he gifted MediGuide technology to the University Of Kansas Hospital. It is state-of-the-art technology in the medical field. Further, he also supports the organization like Autism Speaks, Monmouth University Athletics, and more. Similarly, he has helped and supported several charities in the US and many places all over the world. 


Amit Raizada served as the CEO for over seventeen years. He has a good background in acquisitions and entrepreneurship. Therefore he is an inspiration to many young and old businessmen. All the details of his current work are available in his LinkedIn profile.

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