Smelly Flatulence Causes and Cure


What is one of the most humiliating situations you face at public gatherings? Embarrassing foul-smelling gas, most of the time! Farting can be a disconcerting situation, especially if the expanding gas smells like rotten eggs! But do you know what flatulence is? Let us explain to you!

What is Flatulence?

Simply, flatulence is solely having gas and is also known as farting or passing wind. Farting is outlined to be the passing of gas through the digestive tract that evacuates out of the anus. Flatulence is the medical term related to this process. It is a normal process that anyone can experience when the excessive gas assembles in the digestive system of a person. These gases get discharged out of the rectum at least 14 times a day on an average basis. However, some of the people are likely to release exaggerated amounts of gases on a daily basis. Flatulence usually has a smelly odor and can make you feel socially embarrassed like hell!


Wondering how?

You are at your bed and get smelly morning farts to spoil your complete mood while waking up! Not only at your bed, even if you are at work, at a party, or with your special one, smelly odors can make you feel humiliated at such places and you may even get neglected by the people around! How depressing, isn’t it?

What causes foul-smelling gas?

The compilation of gas occurs through several different processes causing flatulence. Here are some of the listed causes!

  • While consuming food & water, you may also swallow too much air. This results in the collection of oxygen & nitrogen in the digestive system. This needs to be evacuated either from the mouth in the form of burping, or in the form
  • During the digestion of food, gases like methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide are produced as the byproducts of many processes.
  • Ingested food gets broken down by the intestinal bacteria in the bowel. Consequently, the agitation process gives rise to foul-smelling gas
  • A person having lactose intolerance has a high risk of smelly gases due to the difficulty in digestion of dairy product sugars, resulting in the gas build-up.

Flatulence is a common problem but can be problematic if gets too much. So, if you are facing troubles with smelly flatulence, it becomes essential to get rid of it somehow!


How to get rid of smelly gas?

If you are wondering how to get rid of smelly gas, there are many remedies available! A person needs to make changes in the diet or lifestyle for the flatulence treatment. They need to look out for the food allergies and intolerance that causes gas in the digestive system. In addition to this, staying hydrated can also keep your body and mind fresh and prevent constipation.

Some other home remedies for stinky fart include taking enzyme supplements, avoiding bad habits like smoking, or consuming food items that easily get digested. All these can work in the treatment!

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