Smart Travel Management Companies Use AI and Data Analytics to Stay Relevant in the Industry

Data Analytics

Today, AI is at the centre of every business. No industry can ignore the role of including AI, Deep Learning and Data Analytics in their scheme of things, especially if they have a legacy to take care of.

Last night, I was booking my flight tickets for the festive season last when I realized that what if I had a bot or a virtual assistant to do it for me. Wouldn’t it be a novel experience to let technology manage my trips! It seems would be there very soon. Yes, leading travel management companies are already extracting gold of online data using Data Analytics platforms.

 But, are they truly capable of making it easier for their customers (hotel booking, flight operator, tour package providers, business managers etc) to deliver a seamlessly flawless and real-time personal experience to end-users (like me and you who travel a lot, or sometimes at least).

data analytics certification
data analytics certification

Here are some of the ways Travel Management companies are already using automated data science technology to capture customer’s interest.

Travel Assistant who Follows your Search Online

The CEO of a leading Travel Management and Data Aggregation company has acknowledged recently that AI is the key to their operations and sustaining ROI from their technology investments.

Most travel management companies have deployed one or more virtual assistants to help travellers plan their trips at the basic steps. From helping travellers find a flight connectivity mode to locating the closest and cheapest hotel near the airport, these AI-powered VAs can plan your itinerary. These steps involve scouring through tons of data footprints that you have already left in your search or bookings earlier. Data Science is so deep today, that it is using your own search data to build a ‘human’ connection for a delightful travel experience that seems natural at the very best.

Bookings are Optimized Based on Fill and Seasonal Fluctuations

It’s no secret that both hotel owners and tourists are practically trying to get the best deal out of their pockets. While tourists look to get the cheapest and best deals, hotel owners are looking to fill their vacant spots with farers. AI helps to lead owners and tourists to optimize their spending based on filters.

What’s next?

Tourists can see real-time their booked suites and flight seats by using various windows made available on their desktops and smartphones using computer vision and augmented reality.

data analytics certification
data analytics certification

Content is King: It Impresses Smart Travelers

Smart AI travel management companies are producing tons of content that help travellers of all age group and regions to fully understand what awaits them at the terminals and their destinations. It could involve the use of a robot concierge or an immersive content dashboard powered by Wayblazer and IBM Watson, or just plain weather report from All these content experiences open up new opportunities for travel companies to delight customers with great experiences and reward them with deals based on their loyalty.

You can aim to work for a travel management company that uses AI and Data Science to promote their businesses if you are thinking about pursuing AI and Data Analytics certification course in addition to your Hotel Management or MBA Marketing PG.