Skyrocket Collections in Skilled Nursing Facility Billing

skilled nursing facility billing
skilled nursing facility billing

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation services are extended according to physician orders which need the skills of qualified resources. It must be provided under the supervision of skilled personnel to ensure beneficiary safety.

It must be ordered by a physician and is rendered for an ongoing condition for which the patient received inpatient hospital services and even for a new condition that arose during the care for that ongoing condition. Medicare Part A covers, SNF stays, payment, billing requirements as well as resources.

The patient has to avail of inpatient skilled nursing facility services for at least three consecutive days but will not cover the day of discharge or any preadmission time. Also, there are exhausted Part A benefits like 3-day prior hospitalization as well as a 3-day stay waiver. All you need is trained resources that can elevate your skilled nursing facility billing and secure quick payments in the best possible manner.

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