What Drives Payments in Skilled Nursing Facility Billing?

skilled nursing facility billing
skilled nursing facility billing

Skilled services have to be ordered by a physician; also it has to be performed under the supervision of proper technical and professional personnel. Also, it must be provided directly under the overall supervision of practitioners who are treating the ongoing condition for which the beneficiary receives inpatient hospitalization services. Medicare Advantage Plans must cover the same number of SNF days which are available under original Medicare. Also, they may cover more SNF days than the original one.

The beneficiary must meet the 3-day prior hospitalization requirement by staying for the same number of days in one or more hospitals. The day of admission and not the discharge is counted as a hospital inpatient day. It must be noted that the time spent in observation or in the emergency room prior to the admission is not counted towards the 3-day qualifying inpatient stay.

Sunknowledge difference in skilled nursing facility billing

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