Sexiest Date Night Scents For Her

Smelling great on a date night is more important than showing up for it with the right clothes on. And when you have the fragrance which can seduce your significant other, there is no end to adventures your date can lead to. So, here we have curated the sexiest fragrances for you which turn him on. If you’re wondering where you can find them, visit Fragrance 365`s official website and have your date night last till sunrise.

  • Vanilla

For simulating the limbic nerve endings in men, the fragrance of vanilla works as an aphrodisiac. It is not just us but various surveys in which men have accepted that they felt euphoric when their significant other showed up smelling like vanilla.

Talking of vanilla perfumes, make sure that you opt for the ones with the right combination of oriental and flowery fragrances to complement the entire structure of the scent.

  • Lavender

No matter how archaic the idea of spritzing lavender on yourself, that too for a date night, sounds. However, this ‘herb of love’ when mixed with the right combination of equally enticing fragrances, your men will fell drawn towards you like nothing else.

Lavender not only increases penile blood flow in men by 5 percent, but also make women more sensitive towards touch as it rests the nerves and revives them.

  • Ylang-Ylang

For those who are wondering what this is, Ylang-ylang is a tropical flower which is a world-renowned aphrodisiac for both- men and women. You can easily find the fragrance of the flower and the essential oils in all high-end brands to drive your man crazy for you. Not just that, the scent will make you feel more confident about yourself too.

  • Orange

Though citrus fragrances are often associated with men’s colognes, studies have revealed that the scent of sweet-smelling orange can arouse men too. Plus, almost all popular brands have orange or mandarin fragrances for women with state-of-the-art melange of notes so that you can spend some passionate hours with your significant other.

  • Jasmine

With a history of men getting aroused with just a hint associated with it, jasmine is one floral smell which is the cure to all impotence they say. So, the lightest notes of jasmine will make your man go gaga over you!

You can pair up your jasmine perfume with the strong woody notes or light fruity notes for the right effect.


  • Wood and leather


The sexy and sensual aroma of the wood like sandalwood and peppercorn can calm the nerves and revive them to be more receptive of the light notes. Ultimately, it arouses the sensual emotions in men which are exactly what you were looking for. Make sure that you don’t overpower the light leathery smell with the more dominant scents and let the fragrance work its magic on your man.

There you go! These scents will not only give you a sensual personality when you are heading for a date, they will make your significant other fall for you head over heels time and again.