Rudraksh Immigration Consultants Suggest What To Do After Your Visa Has Been Rejected!


Studying abroad initiates with the process of applying to universities. Only after you receive an acceptance letter from the university can you apply for the visa. It must be clearly understood that these two applications, along with separate acceptance/rejection, are distinct. You can’t apply for a visa for any country before having an acceptance letter from an educational institute abroad. Rudraksh Immigration Group highlights the difference between the two and gives tips in case your visa gets rejected the first time.

Having been in the field of overseas education for over 27 years now, they have dealt with such unfortunate situations a million times.


This is a common occurrence when students try to apply on their own without any consultation from someone more experienced. But it is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, it is more common than you might think. However, what you do next could be the decisive factor in ensuring if you get the visa or not. Hence, there is a clear division between the types of reactions and the further course of action.

Rejection from the University

Many potential students receive a rejection from the universities they want to study at. Now, there can be multiple reasons for it. More often than not, universities mention the reason for rejecting the application in the letter itself.

This could range from something like submitting incomplete documents, false information in the CV, not giving appropriate reason to study that particular course at that particular university, to as concrete as not meeting the academic requirements, the credits being not adequate to pursue higher education, language requirements not fulfilled, the course studied in India not being equivalent to the level of course in that country, etc.

The solution is to take the feedback and reason seriously and try to improve on it if it is in your hands. If you could change certain things like taking a language course and producing the certificate to support your application the next time, you can re-apply and get the letter of acceptance. If not, then you should consider applying to a different university keeping in mind its criteria.

Rejection from the Visa Office

This is a more serious type of rejection. Many people face this due to parameters outside the academic qualifications. This type of rejection comes from the official authorities in the destination countries. In this case, the reason will be clearly mentioned. This could be something like lack of funds to support your stay abroad, false personal information in the visa application form, an inappropriate reason to study abroad, misbehaviour with the visa officer during the interview, etc.

In such cases, the prime step remains the same as in the last case. If any of the reasons are under your control, you must change it and re-apply for the visa. A ton of people get the visa the second time after rectifying the mistake in the first attempt. If, however, you receive rejections multiple times from the same country, you must try to go for some other country. There are a ton of options available where the visa requirements and regulations are not so harsh. You could get the visa relatively easily.

The main point lies in the fact that if you are already applying to the universities and visa with an experienced overseas education consultant like Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali, the chances of getting rejection either from the university or visa authorities get reduced drastically. Rudraksh Migration Group has already processed thousands of visas and knows the ins and outs of the entire process.