There are various types of hair extensions available in the market. Some of them are created with human hair, while some are synthetic. There is a major difference between real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Real Hair Extensions 

Real hair extensions are created out of real hair from top to bottom. They are collected from the cut hair of another person, and then they are converted into extensions.

Synthetic Hair 

On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are created with synthetic fibres and contain no human hair. The extensions created with artificial hair are also very fine and manufactured to imitate real human hair.

Both real and synthetic hair extensions can be bought from the market or online stores. There are the best real human hair extensions in Arizona.

Look and Feel

Both real and synthetic hair extensions are available in numerous styles, colors and sizes. However, the quality of synthetic hair extension varies. Synthetic hair extensions are usually stiffer and therefore do not blend so well with your natural hair.

You can feel small abrasiveness while touching synthetic hair. Real hair extensions blend so easily with your natural hair, and they are soft and smooth in touch. You can find all types, colors and styles of the best real human hair extensions in Arizona.

Coloring and Styling

You can treat human hair extensions just like your own hair. Being real, they can be heated, curled, straightened, and various hair products can be applied to them.

While some synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed as they contain bleach and ammonia, therefore, color can destroy them. You cannot style synthetic hair like real hair because heat can damage them; therefore, curling or straightening iron should be avoided.  Also, sun rays and harsh hair products can damage synthetic hair extensions.

Quality and How Long They Last 

Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than real hair extensions, and because they are made up of synthetic fibre, therefore, they do not last as long as real hair extensions.

The quality of real hair extensions is, of course, better than synthetic hair, and they are not heated and light-sensitive. Synthetic hair extensions last a few months, while real hair extensions last for about a year and even more if properly taken care of.

Real hair extensions can be styled, and they look more natural. Although they are more expensive than synthetic hair, they are worth it. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, but they do not last long, and there are certain limitations while using them.

Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Clip-in hair extension is a type of hair extension available in the form of strands attached at the base with silicone or fabric. These extensions are very easy to use, and you just need to clip the pieces of extensions in your natural hair.

These are the least permanent style extensions as they can be removed easily and put back again whenever you want. Clip-in hair extensions are available in both real and synthetic hair.

They are least damaging as they do not involve heat treatment, pressure or any installation method, and there is zero damage to natural hair while applying these.

Human clip hair extensions are very low maintenance, and you can wash them after 20 wearings and just like natural hair, you can brush, shampoo and conditioner them. They can be curled, straightened, and styled just like natural hair, but it is always better to apply a low heat setting.

How long these extensions will last depend upon how well you take care of them, what products you use on them and how often you wear them.

Tape-In Hair Extension 

These extensions are pre-taped and then glued on any side of the hair. Hairdressers usually apply for tape-in extensions because they require to be settled in roots, and any adhesive product can damage the hair.

Care is required while using tape-in extensions because the application of hair products can cause the tape to lose or slips off. It is a usual issue with tape in hair extensions; therefore, special shampoos or conditioners are usually recommended while using them.

These extensions are semi-permanent and last up to 4 weeks before you need to remove them and apply them again.

Fusions Hair Extensions

With the use of different adhesives like glue, fusion hair extensions are fused to natural hair. They take a few hours to apply and can be applied by the hairdresser. These applications involve using a hot glue gun that glues the hair to distinct strands of natural hair.

Therefore, this extension can cause damage to natural hair and is not the best fit for many clients.

Wigs and Hairpieces

Wigs and other hair extensions are applied topically. These wigs are created with both real and synthetic hair. Wigs are made to cover the entire head and can be used as a replacement for your hair.

Women usually use wigs with hair problems like high hair loss, balding, or some people use these wigs to change their whole look.

Hairpieces are a little different than wigs and come in the form of ponytails, bun or hair tie, so you use them on top of your hair. If your head’s area is losing hair and you want to place hair on that section, you can use hairpieces.

Wigs and hairpieces can be difficult to wash, and care is required whether you are using real or synthetic ones. However, real human hair wigs last up to one year with proper care, while synthetic wigs do not last as long as real ones.

Bottom Line 

No matter what your choice of hair extension is, they are, no doubt, an amazing way to enhance your look, add volume and gratification to your hair. You can do multiple experiments like styling and coloring these hairs to know which look suits you the best.

These hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who do not find time to get a new hairstyle every other day and want to maintain their gorgeous look. Just wear these extensions, hairpieces or wigs and make yourself look amazing.